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Halo or Call of Duty

  1. #346062012-08-02 03:49:50Forte_Sigma said:

    @Senkonna The fuck? ^

    And if you are comparing both, Halo wins. CoD is just a competition of who plays the most, or longest.

    But if you are comparing these two to the entire video gaming genre of that type? Neither.

    I have played much better shooters in my time.

    My personal favorite at the moment Is Tom Clancy's Future Warfighter. Even though it is 3PS

  2. #452762012-12-22 16:55:56PureCarnage said:

    I would say halo. But why not try something new? maybe something like far cry 3 or maybe try out dead space? Just suggesting. : D

  3. #496472013-03-03 23:58:38DarkChaplain said:

    That game was kinda bs in a lot of ways, wasn't it? Especially had issues with the AI, iirc. Let's see what Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 can do to fix it.

    Play Spec Ops: The Line, then. Its a third person shooter that's got something to tell you.

  4. #496482013-03-04 00:02:43SnipeKrow said:

    @DarkChaplain Indeed it had a few problems however it's better than the two games at hand. I've played a lot of first-person shooters but I prefer my online games more so.

    @Chou I can honestly see where you're coming from. I think that CoD should have died out awhile ago. And personally Halo: Reach killed my Halo feels.