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  1. IMMASTALKU - The Sequel (IRL Thread Indexed)

    #348652012-08-05 19:47:25 *Fieyr said:

    So I'd been wanting to update my little IRL Thread index program to work for the new site. Well I spent a few hours last night and did just that :)

    I pretty much rewrote the entire thing, using the previous code as a base.

    p.s. I still need to clean up how I generate the markup (it's very ugly right now)

    Just for a quick tutorial, I'll use @acostoss as an example since he's first in the list.

    Ex: acostoss: [ 1 - P6 ] [ 2 - P6 ]

    The name is a link to the user's profile.

    Each picture is numbered (if you click the number... it directly links to that picture)

    Clicking the part after the '-' will take you to the page where the picture was posted. So P6 means page 6.

    Oh and please tell me if you find a mistake. Mistakes tend to happen when you rewrite things from scratch :P

  2. #348792012-08-05 20:08:09 *Fieyr said:

    @Gargron Hah, yeah I was thinking about releasing the source. At the same time, I wouldn't want anyone to tweak it so it just loops nonstop, constantly eating your bandwidth.


    I give up lol... Open mouth, insert foot

  3. #348882012-08-05 20:26:32Fieyr said:

    @Gargron Ah yeah I'm not, I just don't like releasing messy things. And no, actually the original program was written in vb.net and so is this. I'd love to see it rewritten in Ruby though, I just don't know that language yet. It's 348 LOC if you'd like to take a crack at rewriting it. But you must share the code with me if you do :)