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  1. Ladys Animal thread. Which would you choose ?

    #354992012-08-13 00:59:24 *T-man said:

    I was hopeing for female responses but gentleless are welcome too. So mainly girls of the CL I got a serious stupid question if you had to choose between a bunny, dog or cat which animal would you choose to be. IM WORKING BY WHICH ONE IS CUTER

    Why no poll ... because im not very good at this stuff yet. sadly

    and now countdown to locked

  2. #355082012-08-13 02:16:50judar said:


    Cats are really cute too though, and certain breeds of dogs are just adorable (Pomeranian, Samoyed e u e )

  3. #359192012-08-15 05:33:43AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I'd go with a dog. They are my favorite animals, and I've had many as pets so far. Though none of them ever lived past seven years, they are still the best animals I have dealt with so far.

  4. #391392012-09-22 16:16:59 *Momimochi said:

    Dogs. Mainly because I own one, but also because they're more.... Energetic..... than cats. (And they look cute)

    EDIT: Also because lol get a few of them together and a dog-orgy happens.