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  1. How did you find The Colorless site?

    #360642012-08-16 00:01:42El_Melon said:

    This thread is basically about how you came to know about The Colorless.

    How I found it was when I was surfing google images, looking for demotavational posters. I saw one, clicked, and was linked to a thread. From there, I looked at others, and thought; Damn, this loks fun. So, here I am today. What's your storey?

  2. #360672012-08-16 00:10:06Domo said:

    I got really bored during Summer and I was lie, "lol imma just google durarara chat room" and I did but that is not how I found CL because my sister told me about it even though she is not a member

  3. #360692012-08-16 00:17:51TalTal said:

    Yeah, pretty much just googled Durarara Website or something. And if I hadn't I would have no internet friends right now.

  4. #361132012-08-16 06:27:51Blacklight said:

    I looked into a rumor about a season two of DRRR! and found the thread on this site where they were telling people to sign a petition or something.

  5. #361142012-08-16 06:42:58momo said:

    I was following people on Twitter that spoke of this site, so I visited it. Turned out it was the second day it had been open.

  6. #361182012-08-16 07:09:41kaiten said:

    I finished watching Durarara ( was following it) and when it ended i decided to google a chatroom inspired by durarara or something like that and I ended up here loolz

  7. #361372012-08-16 14:04:29Flywalker37 said:

    I had just finished watching Durarara Season 1 (great series, btw) and then I searched like mad for a Dollars chatroom because it looked so cool. Eventually through hours of searching through forum after article, I found this place. That was a little over 1 year ago. Good times~