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  1. Blood Lad

    #361742012-08-16 20:46:32 *Ashkachan said:


    Otaku vampire and ruler of the East district of Hell, Staz B. Vlad, falls in love (and bloodlust) at first sight with Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese schoolgirl who accidentally enters hell. Unfortunately for the smitten Staz, she is killed while he is fighting an intruder on his territory. Her ghost remains in hell and Staz embarks on a quest to resurrect her by implanting her spirit and bones in new flesh.

    Blood Lad is supposed to be getting an anime, but not much is actually known on well... anything yet. (Whhhhy.)

    This manga isn't a typical vampire manga, and it's really funny. I highly recommend it!~

    (Please, please mark your spoilers when posting in this thread. It's rude to other people who want to start reading this series, okay?)

  2. #361832012-08-16 21:40:07 *Senkonna said:

    It's rude to read English scans of manga that was meant to be bought from a store, then scream spoilers when someone who buys and reads the magazine mentions something about the series, especially when he posts a page from a chapter that's 9 months old.


  3. #364442012-08-19 08:28:34break said:

    wasnt it on the summer list already?though that was probably misinformation. sadly. btw the manga is licensed here in germany, if you are interested.