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  1. Sherlock (BBC) Fan Thread! (Spoilers imminent!)

    #36202012-01-03 05:31:18 *VivoDePyre said:



    For those who have yet to watch any of the new BBC series, here is a quick description. Sherlock is a modern adaptation of the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as written by Steve Moffat (Of Dr. Who fame). What really makes it charming is how true the series is to the original stories, constantly making allusions to Doyle's works. All the titles are plays on original titles (Study in Pink, Scandal in Belgravia, etc). Rather than fighting in the old Afghan war, Watson returns wounded from the recent one.

    Some witty writing, great direction, and solid cinematography, and charming cast make a fun watch for fans of the books and newcomers alike. Each episode is an hour and a half, the length of a short film. The second season/series is currently airing on BBC one, and discussion is ripe about the new episodes. It could take a little while to get through the first 3 episodes, but they are well worth the watch.

    So for those who have already watched... discuss!

  2. #37102012-01-03 11:16:14dullahan said:

    Yaaaaay! Yeah, I found the recent episode quite sad actually but it had a nice ending. I really love how they wrote Irene, she's great. Can't wait to see the other episodes in this new season! Moffat's done brilliantly.

  3. #37122012-01-03 11:37:46AkiraSaki said:

    I watched the new episode yesterday morning, so excited for the next two. And I agree, Irene is a great character, and John has wonderful jumpers...

  4. #37262012-01-03 12:14:12Ipotane said:

    I really like Martin Freeman as Dr. watson I think he plays the part brilliantly! the duo work great together and I think as whole it's a great modern adaptation. can't wait for the next episodes! Shame there's only about 3 episodes a year.

  5. #37492012-01-03 13:00:27DSP said:

    The best thing about shows like sherlock, there are very few episodes but you know they're going to be quality.

    Cumberbatch is a brilliant Sherlock and Freeman is awesome in anything he's in, he should really copyright his surprised face.

    @Akirasaki John has such wonderful jumpers XD

  6. #39012012-01-03 22:32:56VivoDePyre said:

    I really liked Irene in the early episodes, but I can't help feeling that they screwed up at the very end. The "I am Sherlocked" passcode was pretty cute, but having him save her at the very end was too much. It's Moffat's annoying habit of turning every female lover into a damsel in distress.

    However, for everything else in the episode, bloody brilliant! How they incorporated the original story of "Scandal in Bohemia" with the pictures and the fire, but seamlessly throwing other stories directly in the mix. Soooo good. Also, all the cast fits fantastically. My favorite character has to be Ms. Hudson.


  7. #53632012-01-09 06:56:25VivoDePyre said:

    New episode is out! It's really good, I hope Benedict gets a Bafta for his work on this series. He has a manic episode, it's fantastically done. Can't wait for the final though. Moriarty seems positively obsessed at the end of Hounds of Baskerville, can't wait to see how that pans out.