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  1. the Colorless "Craig's LIst" Thread

    #362492012-08-17 05:41:34 *PigBoss said:

    Post what you want/need.

    Give shit (read: stuff you don't need/want) away, or sell it.

    Find out if the CL user is close enough to exchange/give/sell items face to face



  2. #364332012-08-19 06:55:42momo said:


    If you can come visit me, I'll give you my bike. It's a little tore up though, frontend assembly fork (the bit that holds the front tire) was bent when I crashed into a light pole. The bike works perfectly, you just cannot turn sharply while pedaling or the tire will collide with the pedal, probably causing you to fall/flip.

  3. #364682012-08-19 11:02:57sully said:

    If anyone has either a game cube the box or the hand consel or the english version of gosick the volumes or shiki or confession english version then pm me.

  4. #365062012-08-19 15:47:57 *Maryam said:

    @sully So, I have 2 working Game Cubes that are highly ignored, but the thing is, I'm not sure I'll ever get permission to send one to you.

  5. #366532012-08-20 14:31:12sully said:

    No worries, it's not like i need it urgently or something like that. So it's cool, let me know when you do get permission for it.

  6. #366442012-08-20 08:43:11 *Spades said:

    Who wants to buy some somewhat shitty fishing rods or an even shittier printer? All this and more at


  7. #1100032017-04-10 16:43:31ccc said:

    @Cloud-VK Not really I'll use modern cards but I mainly play with older cards ,I don't get into the whole pendulum summons ,synchro ,or the xyz .Still somehow I'll win, I will say its difficult but it can be done.

    So what are you trying to get rid of???