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  1. "Wow, CL has changed"

    #365462012-08-20 00:21:52 *Yoshiya said:


    --no, not really.

    Some things are back, some things are new, some things never changed. I'm glad to see you're all as cute as ever, even the new folks.

    P.S. this is not an "I AM BACK" or an "OH THE GLORY DAYS" post

  2. #378382012-08-30 23:09:18Lycan said:

    @Mobile_Phone I'm only saying what I really think. I dunno if anyone felt the site was unfriendly but honestly, the users have always mattered much more than pretty much anything else.

  3. #378452012-08-31 09:57:59momo said:

    @Polnareff Stop jumping atop people's heads and maybe they'd stop getting angry about you jumping atop their heads, goooosh.

    Also I have never seen any problems arise from you.

  4. #476202013-01-29 15:09:07canon said:

    whether it's positive, negative, or neutral... there seems to be an abundance of threads about the state of colorless at any given time.

  5. #476442013-01-30 01:04:46canon said:

    @gargron it was on the front page in the "new" tag when i logged on??????? anyway, regardless of this thread, my statement remains true.