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  1. New The World Ends With You game in the works?

    #365922012-08-20 04:01:38 *Ashkachan said:

    A count-down to The World Ends with You's website is counting down something, but no one has any idea what it's counting down to.

    Obviously, people are hoping that it's a new game. TWEWY has recently celebrated it's 5th anniversary in Japan, and even had character's in KH 3DS. Nomura has hinted before that he wants to make another game.

    I guess time will tell if this is another game, or something else!

    (I'll update this once it's announced.)

    (Locked for now. Sorry...)

  2. #366042012-08-20 04:23:06Chestnut_Rice said:
    I'm so excite. Hopefully it's set in another UG
    Spoiler (Show)
    It was mentioned there are multiple UGs, but they don't interconnect. Or maybe we could have Shibuya and another UG some how merging together. That'd make a great story.
    Any way I hope it's as good as the original. Will definitely be watching. And I also hope it isn't on the 3DS exclusively. Seriously. 3DS is like Nintendo's biggest scam on DS owners ever.
  3. #366072012-08-20 04:28:09Ashkachan said:

    Something I found on Tumblr, and after playing around with the site a little.

    Copying and pasting since I'm lazy.

    So I played around with the update site a little, and I managed to travel through time (by changing the clock) and there’s a page up to 3 days. The picture gets clearer as days pass and an instrument is added to the music every day.

    By 3 days, the BGM has evolved to having vocals, and the background seems to be a city of some sort, possibly hinting at Shibuya as the circular building reminds me of the 104 building. Anything lower than 3 days is void of background or BGMs.

    The BGM itself is a remix of Calling.

    Something of note: Each second on this clock is 8 beats of the BGM, and therefore 4 normal seconds, which might hint on the time being far longer than it actually is. 4 times longer, actually. Meaning around 24 days.

    God dang it.

  4. #366252012-08-20 04:45:25bleachedsnow said:

    I counted 4 normal seconds for each second on that clock too, so it probably is going to be announced in 24 days.

    Oh man, I hope this really means there's going to be a sequel, with cameos of Neku, Shiki, and everyone else. (And I don't care whether it's on 3DS or not, since I got one for KH 3D :3)

  5. #366352012-08-20 05:21:31momo said:

    Know what's better?

    It will be for the XBox720, a remixed version of the original game, will show how SE is shifting consoles like they did from Nintendo->Sony.

    They're such whores.

  6. #366392012-08-20 06:06:082-guard said:



    look at the sexy little bucket of angst, i just to [NSFW] him, just one night
  7. #366882012-08-20 18:42:15Ashkachan said:

    @Flywalker37 It's one of the single best DS games ever, play it. Emulate it, I don't care. Just play it.

    Though, it's impossible to find the DS game in stores, I can't even find it used on Gamestops website. So yeah, just emulate it.

  8. #367012012-08-20 19:03:23 *SENsei said:

    @Ashkachan: It's easy to find, and Amazon's one of the most trusted sites out there. Your resources are just lacking.

    I don't trust Amazon for numerous reasons

    Lemme translate this:

    I never thought of that.