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A Question Of God

  1. #87102012-01-25 21:05:37BboyNoblesse said:

    @Di-Kitsune Then you should understand the amount of words that we can never understand, because they are lost. Have you also read the other 30+ Gospels? I don't believe what he was aiming for worked was accomplished, mostly because of all the misinterpretation of his actions.

  2. #87122012-01-25 21:15:08BboyNoblesse said:

    @Yukimaru That's a very Christian way of thinking, instead of a Judaic way. The Jews don't really care as much as most. Almost all their holidays have a section to remind themselves that God can fuck them over at anytime. If you are asking my opinion of why, I have no idea. I don't think I'll ever know or care. I'm not egotistical enough to think I know as much as God.

  3. #87142012-01-25 21:54:03VivoDePyre said:

    It's easy to assume that I haven't read the bible because I oppose it, but I assure you I have. The content isn't the problem, it's a logical fallacy.

    If god is all knowing (please don't make me find this commonly cited idea in the bible), he must have known of satan's presence. He would have known about the temptation he would bring. If he made man as many believe, he would have made them susceptible to the temptation. If he created the universe and everything in it, he created the angels and satan and EVERYTHING. You can't just deny that he made the things that make you uncomfortable, this is how Christians get a bad rap. I have been to so many churches that deny the obvious and ignore the scriptures that bring them displeasure.

    If you can find a way to logically deny this, or even a verse from the bible that gives you some logical footing (Satan having equal power/god being decieved/god not being omniscient) then I'll concede. However, don't just tote around some "well if you read the bible" bullshit without citing a single source and vaguely alluding to it's existance, how can I believe you? How can anyone believe you?

    I might still consider myself a Christian if not for this complete disregard for logic, reason, and knowledge in the church. The theology doesn't bother me, the followers do.

  4. #87162012-01-25 22:16:32 *BboyNoblesse said:

    @Vivo 2 things bro:

    1. God is from the Jewish religion, which Jewish and Greek thought are completely different, so they do not need to abide by the rules of logic. The Christian version of God is susceptible to logic however.

    2. A simplified version of Rene Descartes arguement for Gods existence:

    Whatever I clearly and distinctly perceive to be contained in the idea of something is true of that thing.

    I clearly and distinctly perceive that necessary existence is contained in the idea of God.

    Therefore, God exists.

  5. #87932012-01-26 08:27:32Di-Kitsune said:

    @BboyNoblesse No didn't go that far xP Yes i know what you mean but in reality it doesn't really matter. Personally i'm done with religion,

    Jesus was most probably a real person a prophet or the enlightened one however anyone wants to call him, btw there is a "rumor" that Jesus wasn't in the desert for 40 days but actually with Buddhist monks,


    So whatever Jesus was trying to do i believe he did it and interpretation of his actions was most probably incorrect. Did Jews go religiously nuts and took him for the son of god? Or did he have some personal intentions...

    ^.^ You need more than one holy book in more than 3 languages to at least get a hint of truth

  6. #87942012-01-26 08:38:43 *Di-Kitsune said:

    @VivoDePyre @Yukimaru I can tell you the same thing that any pastor would tell you in this situation: "Humans are free in their choice, God created us this way, he lets us take the path that we desire and he wont interfere in our lifes unless we ask him to" which i personally think is bullshit.

    But that's the answer you are gona get cos it's the same answer i heard over million times on same questions you guys asked...:/

  7. #87952012-01-26 08:48:38Yukimaru said:

    @Di-Kitsune But we don't really have free choice if he let's our life get fucked here and there. If he was a good god then he wouldn't let it happen, not?

    As far as i'm concerned all followers of Jesus died a horrible death except one or two. All Praise God Hallelujah!

  8. #88032012-01-26 09:48:59JoJoBird said:

    I personally thought that link about the relation to Buddhism and Christianity have as really interesting, I did not know that much was relateable but it is obvious both teach similar ideals. Many religions if no all have similar teachings and it makes me wonder how this came to be, even from lands that weren't in contact with each other.For one example everyone has their own interpretation of the flood story. Watching shows I most dread about aliens on The History channel, like to say aliens did it, maybe so in this case of the connection between cultures. There's a book The History channel, likes to talk about called Chariots of Fire (referring to a story in the old testament) that explains an aliens did it theory, also what The History channel, said is the Vatican announced it is not blasphemous if the aliens did it theory were correct.

    Now one thing I have with aliens did it is that the guys who talk about it decredits humans exponentially like we're useless shits who can't carve stone or don't have the ingenuity to make something great. Same goes for the Reptilian Hybrid conspiracy (quite the conspiracy I must say) is that no one can believe that humans can be so creul so it must be an outside force enslaving us.

    Still just expressing thoughts here, not preaching or fact checking.

  9. #88392012-01-26 16:11:44Di-Kitsune said:

    @JoJoBird Yea.. If you get deeper into that it gets even more screwed up it seems as if stories from one holy book were ripped off from another. Even greek mythology has has some similarities to biblical stories.

  10. #88432012-01-26 16:35:04JoJoBird said:

    Yeah, but I don't look at it negatively. I wonder why many come to very similar solutions or explanations. If many people from different cultures come to similar solutions it must be true? I mean if we said the same thing about more than a thousand scientists agreeing on something, we would say that is fact, yet when it comes to -set amount of people who lived- beliefs it doesn't apply. We could all be telling the same stories yet disagree because it is not "our" way, when a religion sets out to divide rather than accept I do not like that.

    Not expressing actual opinion except for last sentence. Excuse me if I speak irrelevance I like discussion.

  11. #89642012-01-27 04:00:10AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Wow its like a war here now. I don't check on this thread for a few weeks and people go crazy. Many of you have good points with what you are saying. At least most of you are kind of positive with your replies....

    @loploplopl Oh, yeah, I feel the same way you do about that! But it can't be helped.

  12. #89732012-01-27 06:04:37eterno said:

    About the flood, there's an interesting discussion about it here


    One of the point made was that it came from Gilgamesh Epic


    Also, to those of you who don't know, Alexander the Great is also in the Qur'an


    So... yeah... I guess most cultures that has historically been influenced by some sort of historical events do have their own versions of the tale. Not flaming or anything but isn't this some sort of proof that religion is nothing but cultural inventions?

    Hell if I'm going to go further into it, most of the things that you call 'mythologies' and 'legends' were bonafide religions in their own time. In fact, Roman mythology was pretty much the true religion until a small Jewish cult called Christianity became famous among the Romans until the whole Empire converted into Christianity.

    I'm not saying that this is proof that God doesn't exist (he very well may be) but the fact that religion evolved like how language and culture evolved, isn't it a bit arrogant that any religion claim that they know God personally?

  13. #175132012-03-13 14:14:11 *seventh said:

    god is a reason for every thing.., doesn't it ?, human need something to hold on since this life isn't easy in many ways ,whatever it ,god ,evil ,angel ,demon ,whats the different ?,we just can't stand alone without anything to hold on, its pathetic to realize we just mere human

  14. #248512012-05-05 06:04:52roseorihara said:

    I for one belive there is a God but whos to say that God didnt make the universe with the big bang.Everything can be proven by math , theory ,and the bible.Just because we dont know all the kinks to the math and such dosnt mean it isnt real.Many ponder on how you can make something out of nothing.But God has done that.We cant and wont ever understand life and all its mysteries,Just see what you can obtain.

  15. #256082012-05-12 01:23:13AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    @PigBoss I see why you asked me to do that. To be honest, I had forgotten all about this thread.

    Um, from what I remember(because I hope you didn't expect me to read all that again) this thread was made to see what the colorless members' opinions about God was. It may have started a few arguments, but those were still opinions. Yeah I think that was it.