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  1. Anipan!

    #368812012-08-21 12:38:46 *judar said:

    Anipan is a new art sharing website - a community of artists and art-lovers all over the world. The name comes from 'anpan' bread that's sold in Japan!

    Created by the makers of MangaBullet - this new website will:

    • put the emphasis back on presenting your artwork beautifully;
    • reduce copyright infringement of high resolution works;
    • make your artwork more accessible to a larger global audience;
    • and to revolutionise the sharing of your artwork with your friends and followers all around the web.

    For the artist, if the amount of time spent promoting your artwork can be reduced, you can spend more time on being an artist.

    And for the art lovers, we want to make your experiences when viewing artwork even more lifelike and engaging.

    This is what Anipan's all about!

    Anipan closed beta begins on the 20th of August so please head on over!

    I've tried out this website and it's really fun ♥ ! I adore it ;u; - come join us!

    Anipan Masterlist:

  2. #368822012-08-21 12:48:02momo said:

    I really like how they had set everything up, but feel that it is a terrible idea to limit their audience to merely anime fans. In the scope of the greater art community, the anisphere is seen as a sad joke of children obsessing over cartoons. By limiting themselves to this, they lost out to a much larger community though they gained a bit more focus on their target audience.

    How it all plays out, we'll just have to see.

  3. #368832012-08-21 13:05:12judar said:

    @acostoss Hmm, I don't like that they've only invited popular 'anime' artists to it but I guess that's just what circulates better these days and being the creators of MangaBullet, maybe it's be easier for them? Hopefully more genres of art will be introduced as the site goes on though - a lot of people have quite a different take on 'anime' style anywho, maybe we might get to see some varied faces say, CelestialValkyrie and Sakimichan :> !

  4. #368882012-08-21 14:57:30 *Maryam said:

    I joined solely with the intention of getting a low number because lolelitism but I got stuck with #8336. My username is Maryam so please add me to the list, @Usagii~

  5. #368902012-08-21 15:04:15 *SENsei said:

    Tell me when there's a shitload of illustrations of kawaii-as-fuck animu girls so I can needlessly save them all.

    EDIT: Holy shit, I need to get those illustrations not in sub-folders organized.

  6. #369372012-08-21 20:18:41 *Ashkachan said:

    The only problem I see is well... what if you don't draw anime styled artwork? What if you draw original artwork? Seriously.

    Sorry, but I'm sticking with Pixiv for now. This seems like it'll fail. Not everyone likes anime.

  7. #369402012-08-21 20:29:31break said:

    this is nice, but somehow im a little (just a little) disappointed because i expected this thread ot be about recipes xD

  8. #369432012-08-21 20:56:32 *SENsei said:

    Anpan is a food; anipan isn't, unless you want to cannibalize your older brother.

    @Ashkachan: Despite its weeaboo as shit name, there's nothing that says you can't upload non-animu work, nor do they say anything about only restricting it to animu work. It's like how pixiv is open to all types of artwork, but the majority of artists draw animu style, just cuz. The name is just more obvious in this case, but I don't know if that was their intention, or if they just decided to fuck up あんぱん for shits and giggles.

    original artwork

    That's... really broad. Animu art can be original, and original can have a large number of connotations. Original as in Duchamp's "Fountain" or original as in artwork that doesn't belong to a currently existing copyright? Etc etc.

  9. #369462012-08-21 21:27:55break said:

    @SENsei i thought it was a pun on anpan, yeah, but i expected a pun on Anpan to be used as the name of a cooking book, not as the name of an artist site.

  10. #369472012-08-21 21:33:13SENsei said:

    @break: They were probably trying to create a portmanteau of "anime" and "anpan" and got anipan out of it. Which would be okay if they were advertising their site for only animu artwork, but it seems like they're accepting all sorts of artists, so there are going to be misconceptions from people thinking it's only for animu artwork.

  11. #369512012-08-21 21:55:39judar said:

    @Ashkachan It's not 'just anime' though ahaha there are so many different artists but people tend to overlook the site without trying it seemingly because it's 'too anime' - but that's to be expected imo seeming as the creators also created MangaBullet and already has a good hold within the anime community and the way you've phrased it . . sounds odd lol - it sounds like you're regarding 'anime' as one set style of art it's really not e u e and even then we have cartoon artists and realism artists and a lot artists with an original style.

  12. #369772012-08-22 01:32:35AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I joined it, and now I'm browsing through other artists' galleries. At this point, I have no complaints about the site. If I can get the chance this weekend, I'll upload some of my artwork.