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Vocaloid Video Thread

  1. #757152014-05-15 05:53:28 *Frey said:

    First, It's wanting to be together

    Then, It's to become inseparable

    Finally, to grow apart

    ...curled up and crying ;_;

    Such is the life of a one sided love. I like how they "split" the "syllables" here. <3

  2. #757282014-05-15 07:14:14Cenica said:

    Gumi's my favorite one...and about the only one I can stand to listen to for more than a bit at a time...
    Luka is okay too.
    Miku is too high pitched.

  3. #758462014-05-16 01:07:21 *Frey said:

    I'm liking this vocaloid. She is the first VOCALOID3 engine and based off the voice of Lia (IA), singer of Tori no Uta and other cool song.

    Because 30 mins isn't long enough.

  4. #1137982018-04-24 06:32:48 *Destiny_elody said:

    [I don't know why I keep posting this ads even after mods deleted them so I'm just going to edit this and let everyone know that I'm a retard]