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Suicide, what do you think?

  1. #82032012-01-23 08:42:52Di-Kitsune said:

    I disagree ^.^ i think suicide is a very useful and necessary thing (like natural selection of our modern world- survival) in fact everyone that want to kill themselves should go and do it..NOW! I know a lot of you will find what I’m saying pretty horrible but bare with me for a moment * Our Planet is over populated + we are in the middle of financial crisis a lot of people don't have work, so suiciders could open up a spot for someone who is willing to work. * IF you don't wana live then help someone who does. Organs don't come from no-where..

    A person’s life is his own responsibility and no one has a say in it. People stupid enough to kill themselves 'cos "life sucks" were never worthy of life they were given in the first place at any age.

    Personally, if there is ever a time where my death would do more good than harm only then i might consider it.

    Cheers my friends. ^.^ Life is a bitch at times but it's great never the less

  2. #82222012-01-23 11:26:44 *AkihaVermillion said:

    @Di-Kitsune I think you are VERY right people should just kill themselves if they want to,in fact if I was still 8 or 10,hearing your words i would have probably killed myself.......and besides a lot of people would get a lot of things if i die like all my expensive clothes and things...

  3. #84452012-01-24 12:56:26Di-Kitsune said:

    @AkihaVermillion I wouldn't like anyone to kill themselves because of something that i said, it would make me responsible (by the social standarts), even tho i speak really dreadful things at times..

    I think everone at least once in their life though of suicide, i know i did (stupid teenage years). But, most important thing is not to forget about people that care about you and over all life gives us good things as well... things that are worth living for :) So no long faces guys, it can't rain forever...

  4. #84672012-01-24 14:11:58 *Di-Kitsune said:

    @kosukechan I was stating my opinion and i don't expect you to agree with everything i said and as for pointing out the misspell and mistake i made i'll be sure to keep that in mind, thank you but there was no need to go through all the trouble, really. I’m not exactly from an English speaking country, and i didn’t go to an English school either. I'm self-taught…

    I don't recall saying that suicide is a natural act of death. What i meant was that if person kills him/herself because of something he/she couldn't deal with in life i find it only fair to say that person didn't survive this life. Thus, selection that occurred through natural sequence of events.

    Don't just take what you like out of my sentences it was "a lot of people don't have work" if you like, i can change it for you and make "great deal of people are unemployed", better? My complain is that there are some people that have a job, get enough money to live and yet "I want to die cos this and that happened at work and my boss is a...". I despise people that can't appreciate what they have and instead put up drama over insignificant things. They might as well save themselves and others the trouble. I repeat myself there is no need of you to agree with me it’s only MY personal opinion, I’m not attacking anyone.

    I have and i also heard of not enough donors.

    Yea, i would have to agree with you on that one, it was uncalled for. I'm in no position to say who deserves life and who doesn't.

  5. #88092012-01-26 10:22:31akumawolf said:

    I think that for someone to commit suicide it means that his/her whole spirit was broken to such degree that he/she can't do anything to fix things. Therefore, they believe that all they can do is commit suicide, which even then they find difficult to commit(actually everyone would find it hard to do).

    I guess that they must be able to break through the human's self-defence kind of system that stops us from harming ourselves and go with it. personally, I think that they don't realize the outcome of it. They think that if they are gone, so will be their problems and since "nobody loves them" nobody will mind. What they fail to understand is that after the deed is done and they are "free", those left behid (friends, family) are those who feel the real pain.

    As for the age, I think that teenagers and yound adults do this shit because they feel weak and that the world is too cruel, whereas older people have endured hardships that makes them stronger and gives them the ability to survive, with exceptions of course. :)

    I know, tl;dr but meh, deep questions, long answers. and sory if someone worte something similar the same before but I was kinda bored to read through all of the posts :D

  6. #88122012-01-26 10:39:38AkihaVermillion said:

    @Di-Kitsune it wouldn't be your fault if i killed myself back then,it would be my fault because i had a decision if killed my self back then,then it was my fault because i picked the choice of killing myself but i took the other choice which im starting to regret because again something horrible happened SO you know....SOMETIMES YOUR LIFE IS JUST MISERABLE!!!

  7. #88202012-01-26 12:58:54Di-Kitsune said:

    @AkihaVermillion I wont argue with that that's why i said "by social standarts".

    Yeah life is not always soo great and we people have a habit of looking at someone else and saying "i wish it was like that" but sometimes you just need to put a bit more effort and fix what you have here and now.

    Easier said than done, huh? But it's true unless you try you will never know how it could have been :)

  8. #89492012-01-27 03:28:06Trev said:

    A reminder -- an admission of self-injury by a minor may legally obligate us to contact your parents and the local mental health authority.

    And if you have the urge to hurt yourself, get help.

  9. #90732012-01-27 17:30:08 *Cloud-VK said:

    Di-Kitsune what is it with you man this is like the forth thread you started a fight on yeesh.....any way opinon sure... I've had like five people I know commit suicide, and one by blood.The outlook is mostly the same for the living... its just painful... sure end your greif, waste your life, do whatever I dont care ...I just think its stupid to cause that pain ... it's harsh

  10. #92242012-01-28 08:25:51crazymexican said:

    well i read a good 2 pages of what everyone wrote. and here my view on suicide.its a permanent solution to a temporary problem.but a solution none the less. i cant speak for everyone. there are many ppl who have suicidal tendency that in its self is eazly overcome but when coupled with someone who is very impulsive, that is when ppl actual try to act on said feelings. now when u add untreatable clinical depression to the mix it becomes a struggle to service. the fact being we live in a world so far gone its on the brink of destruction and complete dismantlement. and at the end of the day (which tend to get worse every day) ur still forced to fight off the temptation of ending it all. suicide is not a cry for help. never think that. its the end result from a long cry for help, a struggle to say alive long enough for someone to answer it. when someone kills himself they can no longer hold out. they reached the end of their rope and at that moment in time. that exact second they can not hold on any longer. its only after they commit the act that people see the long line of hints clues and cries that person left. it get to the point that some of us feel like walking around with a sign that says "save me" ppl will tell u that others have it worse, but so wut? that's them and we are our own person. everyone has their breaking point. if u cant understand why we are forced into a corner as we are then u haven't experience the mental fatigue that is induced by the constant attack of a world that hates u. and for that consider yourself lucky. and if your wondering why i keep saying we its cus i am suicidal, but do to religious beliefs i cannot act on such impulses as much as i would like to. i come to u from a view point of someone whose been pushed over the edge kicked in the ribs offered a hand up that later slapped me back down. but i walk on. as dead as i am inside i walk forward. so in the end all i can say to those who are considering ending it all. ur not alone, i love you and ill always have a shoulder for you to cry on

  11. #114322012-02-07 18:21:36 *Mau said:

    That its a very sad thing to hear about. Its an act of desperation and misery. And I advise that those who contemplate it seek help immediately, or talk to someone that you trust.