gibe monies plz!

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  1. #380052012-09-02 16:23:35Cloud-VK said:

    I sleep alot, hell its my pass time, I like my dreams and besides that point its relaxing as hell to take a midday nap in the shade.Ahhh I think probly the most sleep I got was close to four days totaly undisturbed but I had a very rude awakening apparently my parents could not find me and called the cops to go searching for my dumb ass

    bahahaha the look on their faces when I strolled in ... then my day kinda went down hill

  2. #380072012-09-02 17:27:14Lycan said:

    I stay up late playing games with americans so uh. I went to bed at 7am and woke up around 5 pm today.