It's the wasp's elbows

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  1. #379442012-09-01 14:56:11shafnat said:
    @PigBoss : gitah wa giitah..

    Name : Asterix
    Likes : Washbowl Faucet, Friskies, Flying Insects
    Dislikes : Mouse, Balloon
    Info : ishehas been 8 years living with me, but hasn't got any children yet. she always fight if she met a male cat. drinkning through washbowl faucet.
    found in the street 8 years ago, a poor, dirty cat. but suddenly change into a kawaii neko after 3 years living with me.
  2. #379802012-09-01 21:33:39Jenna38 said:

    @9mm I can't unsee that now _ ack! lol I can't believe turtles can actually be so brutal and I had no idea that they ate rats...

  3. #500932013-03-08 19:39:40megumi-tan said:

    this is my child ( some of you may call her a pet but she is my daughter to me) and she just turned 10. this is when i woke her up and she was sleepy

    and just pure cuteness

  4. #570212013-06-03 01:43:07Cenica said:

    Thanks! Only bad thing about goats though, the male ones start to stink as they get older so he's going to get a bath soon. :D