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Pet pictures!

  1. #1048592016-07-11 02:30:34 *chalice said:

    I've posted a picture of my dog. But here's a picture of one of my horses. This is the youngest and his name is Artemis. He is a lot bigger now, but this is my favorite picture of him. http://thecolorless.net/uploads/31684/1Fc_original.jpg

  2. #1061292016-08-13 17:56:38chalice said:

    This picture got into the Washington State fair and also won me two ribbons. Meet Treecko, the bearded dragon (he is a lot bigger now). http://thecolorless.net/uploads/31684/1H6_original.jpg

  3. #1072852016-09-26 03:24:24Yugure said:

    Urgh...that orange kitten is mine. Soon™ :3




    Blue eyed kittens though.

    Why does my aunt have 2 mother cats and 9 kitties?!