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Pet pictures!

  1. #586522013-06-11 14:17:56Ion-ZedRURU said:
    Woop-woop, you all have really cute pets. And this here is my little kitten Susanoo aka Susu. Thanks to him I understand that pets really are like their masters. I really love this pure (hopefully) being. <3

    Here on this picture he tried to walk on my keyboard several times, but I didn´t let him. Afterwards he just fell asleep next to it. I suppose he got tired waiting for a chance to attack.

  2. #586572013-06-11 15:10:37 *Cenica said:
    Not really a pet but this little lady will be hanging at my house for a while.

    T_T My mom's dog got ahold of her and her leg is broken.

    I think I'm going to call her Kenny, short for Kennedy, because she was shot down at the "height" of her career...
  3. #597312013-06-21 02:23:56 *Cenica said:

    This is actually my mom's dog, Dayzee. But I'm usually the one that takes care of her and we hang out during the day. On the paperwork it says she's a yellow lab but actually she's a red one. (Somehow they aren't recognized or something. Don't you love technical stuff?) She likes sleeping on the floor in my room.

    Oh and she snores, occasionally sounding like a fog horn...
  4. #597362013-06-21 03:04:15 *Wolfangle said:

    I recently took this from my yard ~.~ But i think they got scared of my camera & flew off to find a new nest T~T I'm sorry little birds..There was 6 of them.

  5. #597922013-06-22 21:23:33Oppaaai said:

    First we have Flisan.

    And next Frille.

    I think something is wrong with them cuz' they love laying around the apartment upside down.