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Pet pictures!

  1. #844602014-11-10 00:12:21 *Cenica said:

    So...I also have cats...
    http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x364/Owlsoul/5b67c7e0-e263-461d-8d22-fb73cef0eea6_zpse31dc1c6.jpg Rocket (top) is an old guy who is somewhere between 18-20 yrs old as far as I can tell. Has lived here since I was a midget. Jack (left) and his sister Macey (right). Macey's is the most shy of this bunch while Jack is the most friendly attention seeker.
    http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x364/Owlsoul/012_zpsefeb06db.jpg They are all outside cats and live in the barns. Usually they sleep up in the haymile this time of year.

  2. #852632014-12-07 13:37:15 *udonge said:

    My cat Miko! ' v '


    I adopted her from a pet store (left by a rescuer for free adoption) when she was 11 month old. She's being spoil and fat ever since ; v ;... vrK1NPg.jpg

  3. #862872015-01-13 21:19:54Warlock said:

    Glad you adopted her. Stories like that are sad. Many cats still don't find good homes, but glad she's getting spoiled and fat.