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Homestuck Adventure Game

  1. #930762015-10-27 03:31:50InvisibleRainbow said:

    3 years later and we are still waiting. It sucks that a good chunk the money we raised basically got stolen, but at least now they are on track with their own team instead of those pieces of shit. I'm still wary about it because Im not v open to new characters.. got too invested with the old ones and now ive kinda faded out of the fandom, but eh might not be so bad..

  2. #930792015-10-27 04:10:56Momimochi said:

    Oh yeah, what ever even happened to the game.

    Not that I donated, but I remember once upon a time I was hyped for this.

  3. #931132015-10-27 20:52:42InvisibleRainbow said:

    Basically Hussie decided to team up with a game studio as him and his team had never worked on video games before it seemed like a smart idea, right? Nope. The studio name is "The Odd Gentleman". Hussie gave them a decent amount of money and time to work on the game, they said they would have it out in like 1.5 - 2 years. It ended up that they used the money to make an extensive prototype/demo for their game "King's Quest" so that another game company would help fully fund it. In the end they had shit to show for the money Hussie paid them and the whole time that they were "working" on the game, they barely let Hussie direct or help (cuz they weren't working on it). Hussie then made an announcement that he was going to switch to just fund his own game dev team and make it under his supervision. (Good thing we funded so much money) So, it's going to take even longer cuz tOG wasted like 2 years and his team is smaller and etc. Theres been like teasers of the game and stuff if you look it up on youtube. I'm still concerned about it, but I'm sure once it comes out i'll dig its feel and fall in love with the new story (or so I hope).

    tl;dr Fuck the Odd Gentleman. Lets kill em.

  4. #931162015-10-28 01:43:22 *Kip said:

    You can learn more about the game on its website, HiveSwap.

    There are demo videos and concept art here as well as all the information you need to know about it's development, which has been in the works for about a year now. They're making pretty good progress considering what happened,

    Kind of reminds me of Costume Quest, graphics wise.

    You can also take a look here at What Pumpkins dev blog for more up-to-date news about the games progress.

    Pukind/Dammek on tumblr is also an artist for the game, you can find some art for HiveSwap on here.

  5. #931572015-10-29 06:41:57InvisibleRainbow said:


    I was there for the tumblr post, but they quote it in that link. It was never confirmed by Hussie himself but the post was made by someone who was related to the team so its credible, but obviously not 100%. "He tells me he actually can’t tell me anywhere but through kickstarter because of a settlement he signed" so.. I hope that he gets the money back. The majority of it was stolen, I don't know how the fuck they are going to manage this and if they dont get a lot of the money back then like.. the games gonna suck. I just.. I don't even know.