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Parent: Learning Russian

  1. #383422012-09-06 21:25:28 *Ecstasy said:

    First of all I decided to spell the nicknames of all the users, who replied to this, in russian as a small lesson bonus.

    @kosukechan косукетян or косукечан. (that japanese chan thing might sound diffrently in russian)

    @schmidt шмидт, I'm pretty sure you are russian though. It's true that people adjust lyrics to music and rythm, but it still gives quite a good feeling of the language in my opinnion.

    @Trisak Трисак ♥

    @TokoyamiSenshi ТокуямиСенши Lesson 2 will be out soon then.

    @Polnareff Полнарефф, yes, your browser probably doesn't recognise Cyrillic alphabet.

    @Gargron Гаргрон, I have finished university for language and culture, studied lingustics and basics of pedagogy, don't you worry and nevermind my poor English, I'm sure it will still be enough for me to be understandable.