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  1. #384342012-09-08 08:22:33Sol said:

    Well, That was some pretty fuckin' Great recolors, although , in most pics the rivers and lakes seems abit messed up to me.

  2. #384352012-09-08 08:26:29Gargron said:

    @OverSol That's probably because of the exposure time required for the old photographs. While the lens is open and recording, the river doesn't stop flowing, so it blurs on the frame.

  3. #384402012-09-08 08:36:49Deftones said:

    Old Russia is so colourful! The clothing some people are wearing, really vibrant with colour. I mean, check this guy - http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/prokudin_08_20/p25_00021886.jpg Colourful and manly.

  4. #384422012-09-08 08:47:47Gargron said:

    @Deftones To be honest I'm not sure how well "Russia" applies here. The article was called that but technically what we're looking at is the Russian Empire, which includes Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc. Russia itself was always just Russia. That guy over there is from Uzbekistan, I think. Cool dude though.

    @TCManila I don't understand what you mean!

  5. #384432012-09-08 08:50:32TCManila said:

    @Gargron I'm implying that it was preserved for a long time. At first I thought, "they painted something this vibrant?" but then, it was something... it could be their preservation technique or something.

  6. #384532012-09-08 13:21:03schmidt said:

    I like it how back in the 1910 people posed for a photograph just the same way people do now for lookbooks or glossy magazines: standing straight and looking at the camera indifferently.

  7. #384592012-09-08 14:11:14 *sogeking said:

    It wasn't recolored. Prokudin-Gorskii used lenses(light filters?) to get photos in color. You should read about it on the wikipedia. It's even written in the article you shared.

  8. #387972012-09-14 10:34:32Hymake said:

    It's curious how these photos totally look like they had been taken in modern times, just with the difference of the clothes. When I was a child I thought the world was in black and white in the past... lol