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Parent: Learning Russian

  1. #385452012-09-10 09:33:21 *Ecstasy said:

    Lesson 1 Bonus

    The Russian alphabet is traditionally listed in the order from A to Я as shown in the Lesson 1. To help you learn the alphabet faster, you can group the letters by look and sound and compare them with their English counterparts. You will have 4 groups:

    Group 1: Same look and sound as in English

    There are six Russian letters that match their English counterparts by both pronunciation and form - A, E, K, M, O and T.

    Group 2: Sound-alikes but different look

    There are sixteen Russian letters that do not exist in English but have familiar pronunciation. They include Б, Г, Д, ё, Ж, П, Ф, И, й, Л, Ц, Ш, Щ, Э, Ю and Я.

    Group 3: Look-alikes but different sound

    The following eight Russian letters look like their English counterparts (or even digits) but have different pronunciation -- В, З, Н, Р, С, У, Ч, Х.

    Group 4: New look and sound (or no sound)

    The last group includes letters that do not exist in English and either represent unfamiliar sounds or have no sound value (Ы, Ъ, Ь).

    As a challenge you can try and spell the nicknames of your CL friends using the Russian alphabet

    Lesson 2