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    #387192012-09-13 02:58:03 *codedigimon said:

    so hello everyone before i go to bed i wanted to know what is everyones favorite abrigded series. my personal favorites are the "abrigding of haruhi suzumiya" and "k-on abrigded" and if there is one that u like or want to be abrigded ok begin the discussion

  2. #387552012-09-13 17:45:51Xyopq said:

    A few Youtube clips to get the ball rolling would be good too. I like the Naruto and Yugioh abridged series'.

  3. #387732012-09-14 00:53:43TalTal said:

    LK is always good and he's like the papa of abridged serieses, but I think is like Purpleeyeswtf a tiny bit more? I like how crazy his character interpretations are.