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  1. How do you aqquire

    #388902012-09-17 05:16:07 *MyOWN said:

    I was always enduring my mother's sermon about, how can i not have "Diskarte" or Strategy in life. So I was just asking any people in CL that can help me with that problem.

  2. #388922012-09-17 08:22:27momo said:

    Basically, envision what you want to do in life. You could be a doctor, a business owner, a programmer, artists, writer, cook, or many other things. Once you know what you wish to do, or know of something that you enjoy, start working towards that goal. Take classes on the subject, read about it, try your hand at it. Make yourself in ever possible way at it. Eventually, you will be what you had envisioned.

  3. #389392012-09-18 06:19:48 *Fieyr said:

    Other than the obvious of looking into things that currently interest you...

    I would suggest reading through the courses listed in the handbook of a few major universities. Read through the course descriptions, and make notes of the ones that most interest you as well as the degree they are associated with. Once you have that list, perform additional research as far as what jobs can be acquired with that degree. Wikipedia is your friend for things like this.

  4. #389402012-09-18 06:30:06 *SENsei said:

    What if one does not have a dream?

    You go work at McDonald's, Arby's, Walmart, 7-Eleven, etc. for minimum wage like the rest of the dreamless people.

    Btw, in the case you choose McDonald's, my usual is a Big Mac with three orders of large fries.