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  1. Happy memories

    #389932012-09-19 02:19:31 *TalTal said:

    I think we should all write about our happiest memories, so that if we're ever feeling down we can come back to this thread and read about people being happy and it will hopefully brighten our day back up again (◡‿◡✿)

    --One of my favorite memories happened on the day before the final Harry Potter book came out and my town decided to throw a town wide party. Pubs were selling “butter beer” (cream soda with caramel drizzle). Our train was turned into the Hogwarts Express, with Harry Potter themed games and food. The local shops were giving out Hogwarts acceptance letters and marauder’s maps and pins. People of all ages wandered the streets in full cosplay.

    Then at night everyone gathered at the library and the local trolley took everyone on a knight bus tour, which ended with a dementor showing up (everyone had to yell Expecto Patronum at it and wave their wands) then at midnight we all received our books and drank butter beer and the entire town sat on the library yard and read.

  2. #390052012-09-19 07:57:18MrTingles said:

    Having the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare play after the priest said "You may now kiss the bride." at my wedding. Fucking. Classic.

  3. #390312012-09-19 21:49:29megumi-tan said:

    I was 5 and my mom said she needed me to come down stairs and help her with something. So I went down and there was a litttle tea cup pom puppy!!! It was so fucking cute and fluffy!!! She was an orange Color with some white and could hardly run 10 steps without tipping over. Now I still have her and she is so old at this point she still cant run 10 steps without falling over lol. But she is my best friend and we have had good times together.

  4. #390412012-09-20 02:59:01El_Melon said:

    When I was still a noob at Pokemon,I was cruzin' around in the long grass, and I found Suicune. I was like 'OH SNAP, SHIT JUST GOT REAL'. Thinking that it would attack, I attacked with my strongest move. But instead of attacking, it just ran away. This happened a few more times before I thought 'Fuck this shit' and loked up a walkthrough. It said to use a move like 'mean look'. Up until this point I thought meant look was worthless. So then I proceded to catch a ghastly and train it 'till it learned mean look. I then found Suicune (or one of the other two) and used mean look. My first reaction was 'AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' Then after I caught the bastard, I paraded it troughout the rest of the game.

    My life is so boring.

  5. #390572012-09-20 13:30:47MyOWN said:

    Mine was when I got my very first Anime, if it weren't for that anime, me and my sister wouldn't have bought many anime until now...

    Another one is when i got a laptop.

    And another one is when i got to beat up my brother. That was the happiest day I ever had. I really miss that part.

  6. #391912012-09-23 21:06:40Exerides-t-5 said:

    I like this thread! My happiest memory was when I was little and my grandmother (she has been gone 5 years now) pulled my loose tooth out for me. It hurt a lot, but it was nice of her to do it for ,me...I guess. I have a really bad memory, so even though I am 17 now, that is about all I have to remember her by...