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  1. Your worst nightmare

    #390182012-09-19 16:56:34 *eterno said:

    So yesterday, I went to sleep thinking that I'm just gonna wake up the next day and well, just get through the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the devil has another plan for me.

    You see, today I had THE ABSOLUTE WORST NIGHTMARE I've ever had in my entire 20 years of life. I mean seriously, I've never had worse before and I've seen many scary ones.

    So what is it that makes it so darn scary? Well, usually some of the dreams that scares me shitless are the 'jumpy' dreams. y'know like those in horror films where they build tension and then BAM! The monster appears or whatever and you wake up.

    But this one's SOOO different, the progression of horror starts at the beginning where I see two kids that seems inconspicuous at first and then to me as a kid in a car of a guy who I was looking up on my tablet. I then see 'visions' which is basically cross-cuts of the first two kids being tortured by the said guy with scissors, knife, etc.

    You see, unlike the dream I had yesterday, this dream was not lucid and so I didn't know that it was a dream so I wasn't like trying to wake up. Therefore, I really feel like that kid who's getting kidnapped and KNOWS what will happen to me..........................

    butbtut that wasn't the worst part. worst part is that i keep seeing the fucking visions where i can see the kids from before starts to be getting killed in GRAPHIC DETAIL where I even saw one got his face cut off reveling his skull while he's concious and screaming. this happens until the very fucking end of the dream which IRL only lasts two hours but seems like forever.

    Note that this really isn't like watching violent murder on the internet. I genuinely believed I was in his DAMN CAR and belief is a strong device.

    Well, turns out that my parents were driving the car and they'd borrowed it from the guy. But the IMAGERY PERSISTS. The kids, now just skins and bones, are now starting to be placed on a table piece by piece seemingly just to torture me further. Then a guy came in offering a 'hand' I mean an 'arm' of someone in hopes of joining the killer murder crew. The dream ends on a religious note, seemingly an attempt by god to bring me back to faith but after such showing, I don't think I'll be coming back god...

    Well actually the ending is more horrifying than 'religious note' but it's gonna require you to understand some of my past to completely understand. Short version, the guy is like a 'holy man' and a leader of a cult, which seems to be a reflection of my teenage years where my mom brought me around these people due to bad influence on her part (thankfully she gets better). But Jesus, this nightmare... it has every bad thing that has ever happened to me repeated, ramped up to 11, and throw in the suffering of two or more people in just to scare the shit out of me.

    Well, how about you guys? Have you got any nightmares that you think is the worst you've had?

    PS: And the guy's murders also remains unknown which is shown in my final conversation with my parents before I woke up. It seems that they had an 'idea' though because they said something about 'not wanting to get in his business'. Thankfully it's all not real.

    PPS: OR IS IT?

  2. #390192012-09-19 17:04:07momo said:

    I had this one dream where I went to work, had a great day and went home. I woke up from the dream and was 4 hours late to work on a day that I was supposed to open. Cost me $300 and a job.

    The worst dream ever.

  3. #390202012-09-19 17:10:49eterno said:

    I actually had this kind of dream yesterday though thanks to good planning of my sleep pattern and lucidity in the middle of it, I still got time to make it afterwards. Still pretty pissed to think that I'd gone through the day but it's really just starting.

  4. #390222012-09-19 17:35:12Mato said:

    Hmmm I had a dream I was doing an AMV I ended it and it suddenly dispeard from my computer O_O the weird thing is my computer dispeard with it....

  5. #390242012-09-19 18:22:54Kuin said:

    The worst dreams for me aren't so much the ones that are actually scary, so much as the one that fuck with your mind. Like having your hopes and dreams either given to you then yanked away by waking you up, or having them placed in front of you, just out of reach. Almost as if being ridiculed by your own mind.

    All in all, your subconscious is an asshole.

  6. #390252012-09-19 18:23:41TokoyamiSenshi said:

    I was once tied to some sort of table in what seemed to be a basement. It was quite cold and dark, save for a dimly lit corner with a flickering old tabletop lamp. Super realistic, mind you.

    So a guy walks in, carrying one of those big kitchen knives you'd usually pick out of the drawer if someone broke into your house in the middle of night, and walks straight up to the table, in grave silence. I try to scream and am generally scared shitless, but I can't move or speak.

    I felt the fucking blade sliding through my neck, and I didn't even wake up. Worst. Dream. Ever.

  7. #390322012-09-19 21:54:54megumi-tan said:

    I had a dream that all my friends and family had died and all that was left were their bodies. To revive them I had to take one part of my body off (eye leg arm) and replace it with one of theirs. So in the end I had revived them all but had no eyes, legs, arms, nose, and my ears were gone as well. And I had to cut them off one by one. Yeah it was a bad dream.

  8. #390422012-09-20 03:07:37El_Melon said:

    My worst nightmare... This one is really short ( at least the bits I can remember of it), but the bit I remember is the bit I've remembered since I was 5. Basically, it was this old man (possibly my grandfather) who was disembowled, and had his guts spread out all over a table. Ant the worst part was he was screaming for help all the time I was watching...

  9. #390462012-09-20 05:22:10Kyuuun said:

    Ugh I had the worst dream ever the other night.

    The dream was set on my birthday, but it was also the month anniversary of my friends suicide (she's still alive, this is all in the dream). So I'm having my party, my mom left to buy chips and I'm outside my place with a bunch of my friends and I get shot in the head. Now usually, when you die in dreams, you wake up. Of course I didn't. I was outside my body and I saw it fall on the ground. No one spoke or said anything - I saw a friend of mine start tearing up and I heard someone scream. Then, I was about to scramble to try to get back into my body when a faceless guy came over to me and told me I needed to go. Now this was my birthday, I was having the best time and it was taken away like that. At that point, I knew it was a dream and I wanted to wake up but no. This guy takes me to a place where kids/teenagers who die go. I'm there with a bunch of faceless, emotionless people when I see my friend who committed suicide. It was horrifying I was sobbing and screaming and I couldn't stop. It wasn't fair! She said that they wouldn't let me see my funeral - whoever they were. And she said that if you die young you can never leave. You basically live your life there forever and ever. The idea scared the shit out of dream me so I had a panic attack. I went around and saw more faceless people and what freaked me out was in my dream, when I went to bed I'd dream that I woke up in my bed but I just kept waking up in this hellhole. It was just awful, I woke up in tears. It was traumatizing.

  10. #390492012-09-20 08:07:22Deftones said:

    That is a really awesome dream, I love dreams where I die. It's very interesting. I normally become the killer. Or become another person, and stalked again by the killer, but kinda frozen and can't do anything.

  11. #390532012-09-20 11:06:09T-man said:

    one time I had a nightmare and it was filled with nothing but darkness and I was laughing like a moron it was the hardest I ever laughed for no reason whats so ever I just laughed and laughed and laughed woke up and I was soaked flipped on the light and there was blood everywhere I somehow managed to pull out four of my own teeth in my sleep. But I still felt happy it was disturbing.

  12. #390552012-09-20 12:24:50 *Cloud-VK said:

    ^ You see whenever I dream i'm naturally lucid I always have been that way. When I dream I meet with the rest of my personallitys (my friends, the vocies in my head, my emotions, whatever the hell they are). Its a madhouse in here.

    Yeah I know how that sounds but its just how I role... I dont have a choice in the matter as it is

    And how is it a nightmare because I just dont know what shape I will be in when I wake up

    Worst case broken hand, leg, torn muscles, ect...

    hahahahaha best case is something diffrent all togetheir

  13. #390692012-09-20 20:03:33PureCarnage said:

    Well I've been stuck with lucid dreams every night since I was about eight years old. Made an actual world composed of areas and a central city from my memories, including people and things in my memories such as anime characters and such. but back to subject.

    I had this one nightmare. I was walking along the streets of the city when suddenly the ground broke apart and I fell into pure darkness. Next thing I know I'm in some empty void with nothing around but the ground below my feet. Then suddenly a huge, disturbing looking door appeared. Next to the door was a shade of myself. The shade me steps in front of the door and the doors suddenly swing open. The shade me turns to look at me and gets sucked into the door and myself as well. Next thing I know I'm looking at this huge ugly creature. It had two heads, a disformed and corrupt body, huge sharp teeth, red eyes, and huge necks. I try to run and the thing opens one of it's jaws and holds me in it's mouth. First it chews on me a few seconds and swallows me. As I'm being swallowed I see these blades in it's throats slashing me, with people crying out in pain as they were impaled on these spikes. I fall into it's stomach acid, being slowly digested and as if that was bad enough pincers inside of the stomach start ripping my body apart, yet keeping me alive. Then the thing bursts open it's chest and I'm spilled out with the blood and stomach acid, falling straight into a pit. Inside the bottom I could see chains spiked with red hot spikes, a devastated landscape, and what looked like a sea of blood. before I reached the bottom I saw a hole in the area, fell into it, and smash face first back into the city streets. I felt every last bit of it, but to be truthful the face plant part was the worst.

  14. #390822012-09-21 06:30:33 *Inasda said:

    Sadly and unsadly enough, I havent had any nightmares since I was like 7. Technically, I have had nightmares, but I can obviously realize its a dream. Then I decide to to any and all decisions as if it where a game.

    Wish I could have nightmares, but it can't be a nightmare if it has a happy ending.

    The true nightmare is when you are awake and realize your life, then suddenly get deppressed and go to school being somewhat isolated by social, cultural, and personal aspects.

  15. #393232012-09-25 08:30:53MyOWN said:

    My dream was i am in a trapped world. And together with me was some kids trying to save themselves from the creatures outside that is trying to kill and eat us.

    With plenty of weapons found in the basement of our camp. We tried to fight the creatures. We have succeeded and almost everyone has escaped this long gone trapped world of monsters.

    But when there are 3 of us left our enemies got stronger and sent us flying everywhere.

    I decided to let them pass first then me. The plan succeeded but when it was my turn to escape, but the children shut the exit door before I could get out.

    Before shutting the door one child said "It's better for him to stay and fight them off so that we can escape safely".

    And then those creatures got me. In their rage, they thrown me into a dull grinder. It's so painful inside the grinder. The feeling of your body continuously and slowly grinding your body with dull blades.

    After the grinder I'm still sleeping [God why wouldn't I wake up after those painful shits] And then they scattered my body pieces unto the ground. My one eye still intact saw my family laughing together while animals eating my body parts.

    And then a guy came walking towards my eye and stepped on it. And then I woke up.

    It's a hellish nightmare.

  16. #395762012-09-28 21:45:54Momimochi said:

    ....... Either I've never had a nightmare, or I just don't remember. /selective memoryyyyy

    The closest thing I've had to a nightmare was this lollucid dream where the world turned into some MMORPG game and everyone was getting killed. But yeah. That game was more fun and exciting than anything else. :/

  17. #397342012-09-30 05:01:52AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    My worst nightmare didn't even have me in it. There was just strangers featured in the whole thing. Basically, there was this middle aged man driving his red pick-up truck late one night. It was raining really badly, and he had his radio tuned to this country music station, but I don't know what song he was listening to. The nightmare goes on like that for a while, until the man turns to look towards his passenger seat.

    This is where shit got real. Now in the beginning, I know this man was alone in his truck. But when he looked towards the passenger seat, there is this guy sitting there. This guy's face had to be the most horrible thing my mind could have ever imagined. It was shaped like a brown paper bag, but looked to be made of some type of fleshy/leathery substance. His eyes were sewn shut, as well as his mouth, to make crescent shapes in a happy expression. He was just sitting there, looking at the man driving the truck in complete silence. I couldn't even hear him breathe.

    Then out of nowhere, this monster of a person just grabs the old guy in a mix of a headlock/hugging position. For some reason, this is the point where I jump into the old man's body, becoming him. I feel everything that is happening. I feel the rough cloth material of the monster's clothes against the man's face, and how he is struggling to breathe and escape.

    And that's when I woke up. Me, being the way I am, just laid there thinking about what I had just dreamed. Why had I dreamed that? I didn't know. I couldn't figure out what it meant either. So I rolled over like a boss and went back to sleep. I wasn't scared, but confused because nothing I had done lately could have triggered that nightmare.

  18. #397362012-09-30 05:14:27zatsunen said:

    This nightmare was from quite a while back except I wrote it up when I woke up because it was just that freaky.

    [COPY + PASTED] Usually my dreams are pretty lighthearted but today's was quite freaky for me. There wasn't much visible gore or anything, just sounds, but that was enough for me to picture what was happening, even though I wasn't looking in my dream.

    It was like a Battle Royale situation. But we weren't forced to kill each other. It was set in school but taken over by some dictator who we had to obey or else be killed publicly. But even if we were being obedient, it didn't mean that we weren't going to be killed without mercy. That was something I was sure of, even though I was dreaming.

    I clearly remember this scene in my dream where we were all lined up in rows in the hall, in front of the stage, forced to watch the execution of people I didn't know but I knew they were students from my school. We had to kneel down in those rows and wait for them to be wheeled onto stage. I remember seeing a few of my friends around me kneeling down in submissive, fetal position facing the floor.

    And then the people were wheeled onto stage. I remember running to get my earplugs because I didn't want to hear the sickening crunches and cries. I didn't make it but I covered my ears as hard as I could and tried not to listen to the death blows. Just listening to the faint sounds and knowing that someone was being unjustly murdered in front of me as just sickening.

    I don't really recall the rest of the dream too clearly but I remember a part where I was with a friend and we decided to run away. It was so realistic because we knew that the school wasn't like this when we first joined and it was only a recent thing. We were scared to leave but also too scared to stay, even though it mean that we had to transfer somehow for our last year of high school.

    The outside of the school was the same as my real school although the inside was different. For some reason, some people I knew and friends were patrolling and I felt so betrayed but somehow I managed to get away from them. I don't know what happened to my friend but I just remember being chased by so many people before finding a refuge.

    I remember staying there, scared but still happy that I escaped but living with a fear that I'd be found. That refuge was soon discovered, and it came to the part where I was hiding while this woman came into the inn-like place I was staying at. This was the bit I most remember about my dream because it happened just before I woke up

    I was hiding behind some shelf which somehow I could see through but I knew she couldn't but if I made some sound, I knew she could hear me. She said something, directed at me although I don't recall exactly what it was but I knew that it was all over for me. And suddenly she came face to face with me, with only something thin separating us and I knew that she knew I was there. That moment was literally a heart stopping moment for me. I could hear her breathing and it was then I held my breath because I was so scared.

    I only woke up because I actually physically held my breath long enough to wake myself up so I'd breathe again. I can't describe how relieved I was to find that it was only just a dream.The friends I mentioned were actually people I know in real life who go to my school, making my dream even more realistic. Although it sounded like some story, it was one freaky nightmare I hope I'll never have again.