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The collection of feel animes

  1. #393122012-09-25 05:31:11Chestnut_Rice said:

    I truly wouldn't have minded if 5cm/sec were turned in to a full season thing, or even a 12 episoder would have been a lot better. It seems to me that there are a lot of things that could have been explored but weren't because of the short format. It caused every thing that wasn't essential to making you feel sad thrown out, which is never good for any story. There's gotta be highs for the lows to feel extra low. When you don't have that kind of variation in mood the thing feels very inorganic...

  2. #397852012-10-01 00:58:26kosuke said:

    Errrone should watch The Princess and the Pilot for the sake of planes.

    Yes. This too is absolutely feel evoking.

  3. #398542012-10-02 03:59:21Ashkachan said:

    -Revolutionary Girl Utena (later half though, goddammit.) -Mawaru Penguindrum (so much bawing.) -Sailor Moon -Clannad -Kanon -Air -TTGL

    I forget the others.