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  1. Colorless shipping thread

    #392982012-09-25 01:31:42 *Lycan said:


    http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maups8AyhF1rn8viw.gif I bet most of you guys have either a waifu/husbando among the colorless users, or wish to have one and haven't told anyone about it yet because it's too embarrassing. Maybe you (secretly?) want two (or more?) users to get together? This is where it all comes out, though. This thread is about all pairings, "canon", non-canon and whatever else kinds there might be out there. How serious they are is up to You.

    Here are the rules:

    • There must be at least one real CL user in the ship.
    • You cannot have the same user in a ship more than once.
      (Example: Lycan-Trev-Lycan is a no-no)

    Oh, and try to add in their kind of relationship. Like simple uke/seme, or more detailed like who's a tsundere, stalker etc. and what quadrants and who would be genderbent.... anything could happen in shipping.

  2. #395272012-09-27 19:16:40Viral said:

    Viral x Viral (I DO WAT I WANT @LYCAN)

    Also ?????? x Viral x ?????? BUT WHO COULD THE ?????? BE? Fuck i don't know...does anyone actually have a ship for me