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  1. Let's talk Saturdays, life, animu, and pizza

    #396972012-09-30 00:25:00 *SENsei said:

    So it's nearly 8:30PM over here. My day started off purty damn nice, had a giant boner waking up, so ofc I spent 3 hours beating off furiously so that I could fit it into my pants. From morning until noon, I decided to lounge around in my friend's dorm room, because I like watching her play SSBB online in the morning and failing horribly in most of her matches. She's a real trooper.

    Somewhere around the afternoon or so, I went out with some bros and we enjoyed some lunch at Bon Appétit. We talked about some things, like Dishonored (COMING OUT OCTOBER YO), the next Pokemon Gen, how 3DS region locking sucks because I'm the only one with a Japanese 3DS, and a philosophical rant from me about why I prefer 2D women. As usual, random average looking white women had to come up and point out the K-ON! swag I always carry around™; I could fuck any one of 'em, but I have standards, and won't settle for anything less than a girl that looks like she's 10 or younger with a set of big tits™. I was out for about 2 hours.

    My friends invited me to their dorm so we could guide one of 'em through Blighttown because he's hopeless at Dark Souls, but I decided to head back and take a nap. Obviously my boner had resurfaced, so I spent some time jerking it off like a madman again before actually napping. Like most of my Saturday naps, I woke up after like 40 minutes in a puddle of my own semen and had to change out the sheets.

    This is kind of a special week; it's part of the seasonal gap in animu seasons where lots of shows from this season (summer lineup) are ending, but the next season (fall lineup) hasn't started quite yet, so I decided to not watch some animu from the past day or two in order to watch it tonight and fill up my evening a bit. I also decided I want pizza and a sammich to eat while I bask in my 2D night, so I put in an order to Domino's.

    So here I am, wiping the semen that edged its way up my asscrack while I napped hoping to enjoy a night of animu as I wait for Rich to hurry the fuck up with my order.

    Hey Rich, fuck you pal, fuck you.

    My watch list for tonight is:

    • Haganai #13 (OVA)
    • Kokoro Connect #13
    • Code Geass: Akito the Exiled #01
    • Eureka Seven AO #22
    • NakaImo #12
    • Binbougami ga! #13
    • Dog Days S2 #13
    • Sword Art Online #13
    • Campione! #13
  2. #397042012-09-30 02:09:59bleachedsnow said:

    I got my hands on a copy of FFX. I'm at the very beginning. The nonskippable cutscenes, the camera, and the subpar voice acting of some of the characters does not impress me. I feel like those fans you see in the beginning are all voiced by the same person >_> Battle system is pretty fun so far. Auron makes up for any flaws the game has.

    I'll be watching SAO and Kokoro Connect. Is Campione! any good? I'm lost without my weekly dose of Hyouka TAT.

  3. #397092012-09-30 02:40:52 *SENsei said:

    I finished both boxes in the middle of watching Dog Days. :V

    Delivery guy's name was Miguel, so obviously I didn't tip him.

  4. #399482012-10-03 21:45:10 *SENsei said:

    saturday is chat day

    If you live in your mother's basement and lack contact with the outside world, then yeah, I guess it is.

  5. #399492012-10-03 23:00:14Chestnut_Rice said:

    Like most of my Saturday naps, I woke up after like 40 minutes in a puddle of my own semen and had to change out the sheets.


  6. #401622012-10-08 07:39:45momo said:

    I ate a pizza and a half on my Sunday, watched moth of this season's offerings (that I was interested in) and even got some writing work out of the way. Good shit.