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Post what you're listening to.

  1. #1163182019-04-26 07:11:18DarkChaplain said:

    not a video link, or embed, just a tinypic image

    I didn't even know people still used Tinypic to begin with. They never should have in the first place!

  2. #1165392019-07-28 18:38:21shafnat said:

    @Ucui watched it, her voice was so heavy oh gosh. You look the cover up from Nikki Yanofsky too! Hers is more upbeat, but the swing's still there

  3. #1171282019-10-06 07:10:17NidTheBard said:

    I actually have a playlist that is consistently altered over the course of weeks, if not days, but this happened to still be open in another tab so yeah.