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  1. #646542013-10-16 07:08:22DoReMiKaDo said:

    I used to trade songs with my friends in highschool in which we copied entire iPods (or whatever MP3 Player but mostly iPods) and this means that I have a bunch of songs sitting on my hard drive that I've never heard or know of.

    (Of course, now that I'm older, I'm starting to buy music again but that's beside the point...)

    Anyway, one of the songs I discovered recently is this song called "Tugboat" by Galaxie 500 which was bundled in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" soundtrack which is a pretty cool soundtrack to say the least.

    Then today, I decided to browse through my songs and I found...

    A cover of that song by British Sea Power.

    This was a surprise but I started listening to it and WOW! I was... like, blown away, yo! This cover is really awesome and I immediately downloaded a new copy (because the one on my hard drive is a shitty copy) off amazon. It's great!

    But the lesson here is: I need to start delving into my own music library; who knows what I will find there.

  2. #647472013-10-20 16:55:02johan_5179 said:

    These are two of my favorite music videos ever ^_^

    Also, is it only me or does Emily Wells miraculously become hot the moment she starts singing?

  3. #648992013-10-23 15:04:41MrTrain said:

    To whoever that liked this post just now, please contact me about it. I'm pretty excited about sharing because the singer is a pal of mine