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The colorless king

  1. #401542012-10-08 05:05:22 *Wolfangle said:

    I had an idea for this ._. ..what if we had a election for cl king and queen..

    A new pair elected every 2 weeks ._.

    Winner gets Loyal Respect (in chat and thread): like Lord Sen, or King Sol, or the Fab Spades

    Their names in the chat & thread become golden :3

    And something else, which i forgot ._.

    EDIT: crap Dx i meant to click preview

  2. #410872012-10-22 15:32:43TWDeath said:

    i kinda hope he's the king makes the story interesting ^_^ and neko is by his side with the black hound i think

  3. #426582012-11-14 03:43:58Littlefootroserocker said:

    did anyone realize that the anime is like a combination of durarara and deadman wonderland??? Shiro with a white haired girl the bar tender looks like shizuo !!! i love this anime!!!!!!!