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  1. CL FORCE!!!!!!!!

    #32011-12-25 06:12:14 *MrTingles said:

    Everybody, it is time for the CL Force to rise anew! Of course, we all know who we are, don't we? You know the drill, post poses! DO IT.

    Captain Tingles- @MrTingles Kim Jong Jeice- @pontakun I'll update the list when I'm less lazy.

  2. #362011-12-25 07:30:02JoJoBird said:

    Androgenous purple and white alien dude who has a power level over 1million and you don't have one?!

    I'm sad they killed the old threads. HEAR THAT VOICE OF REASON WHO DICTATES THE WEATHER?

  3. #422011-12-25 08:03:32 *Jenna38 said:

    Um...I'm still really confused to this so-called new CL site~ I mean it's great and all but I have no idea how to find old friends or even how to change my avatar back. It's really just kinda empty now-No offence, just sayin. There really wasn't anything wrong with the old site~If anything-it was WAY better than this new format okay.

  4. #562011-12-25 08:21:35Jenna38 said:

    @Trzaska Yeh thx for the info although I already sorta figured as much-but like you said there's not really alot of places to post right now so I'm just bargaining.

  5. #612011-12-25 08:41:52 *Jenna38 said:

    @TrevInc thx but for some reason when I pressed the link-It didn't work~Says something about the default mail client not being properly installed.