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  1. Daily Venting Thread

    #40102012-01-04 03:47:07 *Wolfangle said:
    Please use this thread for all your daily vents, whether it be a bad day or just a frustrated situation.

    Hopefully your comments arent as lame as mine..
  2. #43972012-01-05 06:20:34Pancakes said:

    Well this sucks, I finally get the courage to tell my girlfriend of 4 months that I love her and she responds with, "Thanks."

    Now I feel like a dumbass for saying it too soon, an asshole for putting her in an awkward position, and seriously worried that this whole situation will end with us breaking up and me being foreveralone. >.<


  3. #44762012-01-05 17:14:07PureBoredom said:

    I knew I shouldn't have done it. It was a terrible idea and I knew it was. But my primal instincts were in heat, the beer was in plenty. My reputation has been sullied. I may have contracted something terrible too.

    I really shouldn't have fucked that goat.

  4. #44822012-01-05 17:37:20Maryam said:

    So my day is going great. I've gotten my daily milking done. Im hitting it off with this other,if I may say, very beautiful goat. We're really getting along. Then all of a sudden, the human comes out. All us goats just stay calm because he's merely a human. I let him go along his business. Not minding him behind me. And thats when it got BAD.

    I really shouldn't have let that human fuck me.

  5. #45202012-01-05 21:10:59squareof3 said:

    God school sucks!! stupid stupid ppl making me miss the bus!.. and i had important stuff to do. THEY MADE ME SWALLOW SADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. #45472012-01-05 22:50:57AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I really am starting to hate school. Its only the first day back but all the teachers give us pretests! We only just got in their classes today so what do we know about what they teach? Nothing. Now I already have a few F's because of this, and its only the beginning.

  7. #49052012-01-07 06:15:08AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    School just isn't my thing anymore. Too much work and not enough credit for it. I have a library book that is like two months late and I just don't feel like paying for it. I have to pay class dues now too. Then the lessons are too hard because the explanations the teachers give make no sense to anyone. This sucks.

  8. #92932012-01-28 20:50:56AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Damn you teachers! Don't just enter me in stupid essay contests without my knowledge! And if you do anyway, at least give me the information when you get it. Don't wait until four days before the due date to magically deliver it into my care!

  9. #111162012-02-06 15:26:43DeathByBiscuit said:

    I hate school, I hate how I can't make simple mistakes anymore, could I ever?! No, I have to be perfect, always have the perfect behavior or perfect attendance. I always have to be on time, all my work has to be perfect otherwise they think I'm sick. Maybe it's my fault, maybe I "spoiled" them, I caught on to each subject faster than my classmates so now they think I'm some sort of grade A (or 20 from a scale of 0 to 20, which what we use here) student. I'm not! I'm a dumb idiot that looks smart... Maybe they just see me as a "machine student" or something, I'm not a very open person so they basically know nothing about me, so maybe they think that I get home and just study. Truth it that I have never studied in my life.

    I'm not going to math class this afternoon, it's just getting unbearable.

    Anyways I usually don't do this but thanks for opening this thread. I don't feel different at all but whatever.

  10. #115812012-02-08 08:17:28TheGD1212 said:

    I rage over stupid shit and get depressed for NO FUCKING REASON! I try to impress everybody and please them instead of myself. And I have no idea why I am so nice to everybody when most people are rude assholes.

    Ahh.... better, for now lol

  11. #121952012-02-11 01:55:14Claire-chan said:

    GAH! venting.

    So just because I feel like cooking for myself; when everyone else was sick; I get a lecture. ugh. I've been cooking my own meals for days.

    Just because I didn't make enough for you because you're feeling better. Tell me these things! I'm not about to make a whole pot of food just to have it sit in the fridge for a week because 'I can't eat it because it's to heavy for my stomach cough/sneeze' It's happened before and then they get mad that I cooked for them and it went to waste.

    Talk about me all you want people I live with!. I'm eating just fiiiiiiiine tonight. Bacon Pasta.

  12. #122272012-02-11 05:20:45AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Stupid classmates that keep stealing my stuff. You aren't so poor that you have to steal to survive so quit doing that! It makes your reputation worse than what it already is.

    Stupid teachers that ask all those stupid questions or think that I'm sick when I don't act the way they want me to. So what if I come into class quietly and not bother anyone with my personal problems?! It isn't like I'm suddenly going to die! Maybe I just want to be left alone for a little while. Have you ever thought about that?! Isn't that what students are supposed to do anyway!

  13. #333382012-07-15 02:53:59AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Damn you dog! Quit bringing other peoples' trash into my yard. If it's in the trashcan, leave it there. It's not meant to be added to your collection of half decayed meat. Which I have to continually pick up and dispose of by the way. No means freakin' no! I will not tolerate this any longer. Where do you even get those animal parts anyway?!

  14. #333852012-07-15 09:19:39Mau said:

    Getting real tired of the bullshit faux-social justice people I follow on tumblr keep spouting. Bitching on a blog, and attacking people for a simple mistake is not helping anyone or encouraging change. If anything, it's the doing the complete opposite. ._.