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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #623132013-08-07 21:31:16 *--Jack-- said:


    • My damn Desktop is broken and I have to use this shitty laptop for everything. Code Purple error.

    • I need to learn to parallel park before friday and my relative is showing an example by HITTING THE FUCKING CARS INFRONT AND BEHIND HIM!....AND MAKING ME WATCH AS IF I SHOULD LEARN FROM HIM.

    this fucking day....

    Edit: Slight rage- The driving Instructor had me parallel park, with no one behind me. All that practice....

  2. #623232013-08-08 00:38:10 *awkwardangels said:
    • Ahahaha thanks mom. Thanks for getting drunk and dropping my Xbox on the floor, cracking it's case. I've told you a billion times to leave it alone but welp, you never listen to me. :') Gotta love how you spend all my social security money on booze instead of important stuff, and argue with me about stupid shit ya know.

    • Hey, remember when I trusted you? Remember how we used to be friends and joked around a lot? Remember how you suddenly started getting distant and rude? Remember how I let you back in my life over, and over again? And you throw my forgiveness out the window each and every time like it's nothing? Yeah, I do. I remember it messing me up for awhile, and my friends seriously had to talk me out of ending it, all thanks to you. And the first time in 3 months I let you back in my life, and what do you end up doing? Harassing and being rude to my friend, hurting her in the process. Similar how you did it with me! I'm done with your ass, and I hope you pay for this immature shit later in life. And don't give me the 'MY LIFE IS BAD' welcome to the fucking club.

  3. #623252013-08-08 03:04:51cj3366 said:

    Wow man my heart goes out to you i feel your pain but hey atleast your out of the her house i'm still livin in it i know your pain just about the same way almost exactly the same way @awkwardangels

  4. #623272013-08-08 04:32:38Wolfangle said:

    Pretty's either my family is having problems & my social life is great! or the other way was the latter

  5. #623292013-08-08 06:26:42 *Daikon said:

    Dear Prepaid Cards,

    As useful as you are to allow me to freely purchase items on the internet, I absolutely despise how you lie to me, behind my back. I purchased you recently, hoping that I would have $25 in online spending money but instead only have $24.85. Well thanks to your deduction fees, I am no longer able to buy the item that costed exactly $25. Why do you loathe me so? It seems like the only way to get this item is by buying a $50 prepaid card and buy some other shit I don't care for till the amount expires. If it is profit you are looking for, charge me extra to get a prepaid that is $26, deduct it, then label it to be $25. WHY CAN'T YOU DO THAT!? But no, I have to deal with this annoying bull. Screw you prepaid cards. Screw. You.

  6. #623422013-08-08 12:47:51hellstorm901 said:
    This has me frustrated. Stop avoiding the goddamn question Uiharu you little troll. Yeah not the most realistic thing to be angry about but come on. What the hell is up with her?

  7. #623962013-08-10 08:46:19kaykiii said:

    Left my PC on for an entire day waiting for a torrent to finish but when i checked it was paused. One whole fucking day.

  8. #624272013-08-11 00:13:17 *Noodle said:

    Tonight I dreamt I played a Robb Stark-ish role in a play about a post apocalyptic society.

    The whole play was built with songs and was greatly inspired by the song "The Escape From Sweden" (Flykten Från Sverige). It started off with the fall of society as we knew it and then with the rise of the new one. My own society. It went on to explain how we faught many wars and crushed other groups in order to maintain our own. Soon we were the greatest one. Of course, at the cost of our own humanity.

    We even seemed to forget it was a play. Behind the scenes we continued our acting. In the end, I forgot my last lines. The lines that was supposed to end the play. Everyone went freaking nuts and started killing each other. I think I'm still a bit sick...

  9. #825662014-09-17 15:14:28JadeLim91 said:

    Hi, guys...

    I just wondered, has any of you ever felt lost in life?

    I actually felt lost all of the time. I'm still glad that I could still do my hobbies. But life could feel kind of aimless when I had dreams but never actually strife for it.

    I'm turning 23 next month. Yes, I'm already an adult and that's what makes me even more disappointed in myself. All I ever did was obey my parents and became what society would see as an "normal" individual. Haha. Impressive right? ...Actually, no.

    I studied hard and after graduated, I got myself a job. I worked hard only to be constantly compared with people I never even met before.

    Mom: "You know that auntie?"

    Me: "Yea... I think I met her before when she came to our house"

    Mom: "You know, her daughter's salary is two times higher than yours and could even afford to buy a car. I heard that her daughter is planning to buy a house in the near future"

    Me: "Wow... that's great"

    When the truth is I couldn't care less... =_="

    Other similar situations happen all the time. To the point that I got sick of it. And so... I'm really sorry for all these rants.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone would kindly leave a comment.

  10. #825672014-09-17 15:31:38 *Rinneko said:

    @JadeLim91 -

    has any of you ever felt lost in life?

    Yes, I do feel that way sometimes. It's actually pretty common to feel disorientated & without a purpose in life. Don't worry too much about being the only one.

    Also, about being compared to other people. I think that it is pretty normal for others to make comparisons between you and other individuals. Your mother may be doing this unconsciously, without knowing that it is hurtful. The high salary may seem better, as they say: the grass is always greener on the other side. However, you probably worked hard to get to where you currently are. Remind yourself that that is enough. :)

  11. #825732014-09-17 16:40:34Kuroba_Loki said:

    If you feel would be best to try going out

    not have a destination, just...go out, get lost somewhere you don't know and leave your current state of life, or your environment behind for a few hours or days

    if you're already earning money, no one should have a say what you do with your time :>

  12. #825802014-09-17 17:08:52Kuro-tan said:

    This math is confusing me and making me so fucking stressed!!!!

    These fractions in a linear system........hfncdxdnszjjsdfnscxm,z xsdfkjnx


  13. #826172014-09-18 09:33:34 *JacquelineGraye said:

    ARGH! FUCK YOU busing systems. Why do all the buses look the GODDAMN SAME?! Because of that, I ended up at some weird ass school I didn't even know, and god only knows I woulda gotten off earlier if I freaken REALISED that it wasn't my bus. By the time I realised it was too late and I didn't know where the fucking fuck fuck I was. So I had to go to that shithole of a school, talk to the goddamn principal to allow me to use her phone, call my uncle to pick me up from a school he had NO idea where it is. Not to mention I had a test today. By the time my uncle could get back from work and pick me up, it was already fucking 9:30 in the morning. And the school started at 7. Why do I always get myself fucking stuck in these godforsaken situations? Hell FUCK the FUCKING school too, since they refused to let me retake the test. I am gonna raise FUCKING HELL over this. And now I look like a freaking idiot, with no sense of observation. If they let us not cover our eyes, MAYBE I WOULDN'T BE IN THIS GODDAMN SITUATION.

  14. #826302014-09-18 15:31:10 *Kuroba_Loki said:
    1. My fucking jacket is lost DAMNIT
    2. my psp's almost dead
    3. my usb is missing