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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1099862017-04-10 05:22:26chalice said:

    I'm hating myself because I missed my aunt's wedding. I never knew that if I went that would be the last time I would see her. I'm hating on myself for not seeing her marry my uncle. I'm hating the world right now because a few days after marrying my uncle (Being with him for ten years), she died in a car crash. Why does life have to fuck everything over? :/

  2. #1099882017-04-10 11:10:29 *ccc said:

    For the most part while I'm awake I wonder ,and its always the same thought "what the fuck am I doing with my life"its not even that I don't make enough money ,I make enough to cover my expenses

    I'm simply just unhappy

  3. #1100172017-04-10 20:26:21awkwardangels said:

    I feel like I'm going nowhere in life because I have BPD and can't afford to make it better. (Fuck American healthcare. I'm thankful that ACA made it so I can have healthcare at all but seriously.) I try and do chores, read books at the park, take walks, etc but it doesn't help much. No job wants to hire someone with BPD either, it's depressing as shit.

  4. #1100422017-04-12 09:12:52Coldu said:

    He is drunk with weakness, wishes to grow even weaker , wishes to fall down in the middle of the main square in front of everybody, wishes to be down, lower than down.

  5. #1100462017-04-12 14:32:56Koushiro said:

    All he could think of was letting go of that hand and now he regrets it to the point that he cant focus anymore, nor eat nor sleep.

  6. #1100702017-04-13 23:28:37chalice said:

    The English group project that is due tomorrow is fucking me over, because I'm supposed to be interviewing people who are not from America. And one of the people I needed, keeps fucking leaving me on read even though they promise they would help with it. THIS IS WORTH 50% OF MY FUCKING GRADE!

  7. #1102972017-04-30 19:51:47Wolfangle said:

    I'm completely worried about you. If anything I'd wish you'd put all your burdens on me. But then again, it'd a shared burden. I'm the type of person who shares the depression of others I care about if they're down. And right now they're at their worst and I can't be there to give comfort. It's discomforting, cause I know I'll be worried 24/7 until you open up to me.

    Plus I get pretty nauseous when I'm stressed. So this isn't doing well for my physical side.

  8. #1103012017-05-01 02:51:45DarkChaplain said:

    Just.. Why? It is no surprise I suffer from insomnia more often than not these days, but come the fuck on. Just let me sleep without dreams. I can stomach a lot, but not this bullshit. Not this.

  9. #1103022017-05-01 04:26:20Wolfangle said:

    I just feel really fucked up right now. I'm sad & worried about one thimg. i'm mad, i'm tired, i cant even cry about the stuff going on with me without my nose paining me because i fractured it today. And I'm poor. I say that a lot, but im really fucking poor. No I won't be going to a doctor to see if ill be fine. I cant afford anything in a low life country where you pay a million dollars to see if you're worth being physically helped... Breathing really hurts..

  10. #1105042017-05-12 07:42:34Inia said:

    Try 5.5 months because the US postal service lets you sign up for mail-forwarding and doesn't actually forward. -.-

  11. #1103842017-05-05 04:22:58chalice said:

    My friend bought me ice cream out of the kindness of their heart, and 3 minutes after finishing it I threw up, luckily on the gym floor and not the stage. ): But the ice cream brownie was so good. How could I waste that?!