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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1134892018-03-10 22:22:40gueen said:

    I fucked up recently. Well, kind of recently. I ignored them again and I think this time I lost them to another. And it tears me apart thinking that I wasn't their valentine because. I loved them. and I had my future planned out and we used to talk all night and I ruined it. Because of my second-hand thoughts. Because I hadn't planned out my future. Because I didn't know what I wanted. I was scared I was going to make a mistake. Then something happened and it was so little. so stupid and so insignificant. I lost the person I loved more than anything in this world because I was stupid. Because I overreacted to something. I miss you, Billy Joel, sometimes its hard without you but I hope you're happy where you are.

    Love, Bessie Lou.

  2. #1135052018-03-13 12:08:00IrawaWeirHolo said:

    AAARRRGGGGHHHHH My cycling specific fitness dropped down too low after months of inactivity..... tsk. I need to rebuild my strength again before starting my training for the 200km race. I'm doomed.

  3. #1135822018-03-26 07:01:12Bavalt said:

    Just had to cut off contact with a good friend because I'd fallen for her and it wouldn't have worked out. I miss her already. Feels bad.

  4. #1136062018-03-31 04:16:32DarkChaplain said:


  5. #1136112018-03-31 23:12:06DarkChaplain said:

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These ep1 leaked to Youtube. It is garbage.Fuck you, I waited forever for this and you make it 95% CG with shit character designs.

  6. #1136982018-04-10 19:57:42Wolfangle said:

    I really hate that I have a thing for reading people's emotions from just looking at them. Just a few weeks ago i had an hour long mental breakdown-ish argument with my father among personal issues. Besides that, the change in the people close to me are somewhat gone, and i'd like to think my parents have stopped 'secretly' fighting after years, but they can't fool anyone. Even on a peaceful day like this, where it's been good the past 2 weeks. My brother's heading to Norway to see his girl, I'd assume things could get better. But when you look at their faces and see that there's still tension or the colors, stress, moisture in their eyes. It's like.. You can fix a glass as much as you want with tape and glue. But in the end it's still broken. And you can still be provided by that glass cup. It might be your favorite cup. But eventually you might get cut from a rare edge in someway or another.

  7. #1138182018-04-28 18:34:25MacV said:

    I have been quite bummed about my future and what lies ahead. This week, I received a scholarship to a country I long to go but was strictly unapproved by my dad due to his constant worries and fears. Sometimes I wish my mom was still here... I had to make some tough decisions and stand up for my dream. Today, I finally got his approval thanks to the all sleepless nights and prayers... I don't want to disappoint dad and lose his trust. Gotta have no distractions. One problem though.. I don't know if my heart can handle it. Maybe being in the same university as a certain someone won't be so bad..? I hope... :3

  8. #1138252018-04-30 14:24:53BakaHime said:

    Can't bring myself to leave this fucking place, and, with my horrible username, I came here with the intent to scream. Well, I was supposed to vent, but now I don't really feel all that dead anymore. SO YAH, HERE, this post can't be any shittier than it already is so have a book recommendation from me: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. It's interesting, read it and hopefully immerse yourself enough that you forget whatever problem you have, even if it's just for a little while.

  9. #1138392018-05-04 00:44:46IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Tfw your one of your new friends learned that you have 2tb of anime collection so he wanted to copy some but then says some stupid shit like Friend: Bro, did you watch Naruto? It's awesome af.

    Me:Nah, sorry but I'm not really a fan.

    Friend:Then, Assassination Classroom?

    Me: Didn't like it either.

    Friend: Damn dude, you ain't got taste.

    On the outside I was just calm but damn was I cringing inside.

  10. #1138452018-05-04 10:36:23IrawaWeirHolo said:

    After he copied a couple of animes I recommended, he said "Tang ina pre, mukhang mauubos na oras ko ngayong summer dahil dito, otaku na rin ako" Like srsly You can imagine my expression @Sheep

  11. #1138492018-05-04 13:29:50Lieutenant said:

    (I haven't been posting anything since forever)

    It's sad to see how someone can just dump you like a trash you are after all the investments you have put onto them. What am I supposed to do now? Where do I go?

    At this point, I'm just trying to hang on the little things that make me grateful to live.

  12. #1138852018-05-08 02:15:15chalice said:

    Found a dead ladybug in my Starbucks drink after I finished it.. Went to the Starbucks to tell them about it. The manager was rude as fuck and claimed that it wasn’t from their store and that I must have gotten it confused with the others. Which is stupid because there is only two near me and I know the difference because I go to one almost every day. I told her that I got from the drive thru, and she just checks the indoor monitors saying that my drink wasn’t in their system and that I didn’t get it from that Starbucks. Then she rudely said, “I can fix it for you but you definitely didn’t get it from this Starbucks.”

  13. #1139502018-05-15 12:07:00IrawaWeirHolo said:

    I hate myself for destroying one of the most consistent things that I have ever done. My record of no cheating since elementary has ended.

  14. #1139652018-05-17 20:07:08Wolfangle said:

    My dog died this past Sunday.. He was drowning above ground for hours after something happened to his lungs and fluids started filling them up. I watched him struggle and stuck by him even after the vets tried to put him down. Tried, because he kept fighting to stay up even after the sleeping meds & poison tried to put him down.

    Ignore the stuff below, i was in a mood while writing that. And didn't feel like writing the rest of it.

    Most people assume that the death of a dog is no big deal. "You'll get over it in the next few days", they say. Or they assume you can't handle much when your only complaint of of a dog. It sucks, cause they're wrong about that. Living through harder times doesn't mean that each one is less sympathizing. One of my first memories is of someone drowning at a beach, a front row ticket to the show. I'm seen a lot of people die. But besides that point. If someone is close to you, regardless if a person or a pet. That shit hurts. Especially when the people around you had no cause to alarm when they saw this happen. Or the times prior to prevent this. That day i was pretty furious tbh. My schizophrenia was out of control that day, and i was super close to hurting someone or myself or something to ease the pain of my mind spiraling out of control.

    But instead of that, on a hot day at a nice. My dog takes a dip in the pond/lake and after a bit starts gagging. We thought a little bit of water went on the wrong side of his throat or that he was just too excited that he couldn't breathe right for a moment. Till it got worse & he started panicking, losing strength, mouth & tongue turning blue & gray. Its not fun. Even less fun when everyone refuses to help, cause taking him to a vet requires a small amount of cash to check if something's up or that his fur or slobber would ruin the cars. And then having the nerv to fight off the vets, but they're to blame too looking like they cant help till you give them the cash. Or that cpr is an added thing and we cant save them till you pay them. This world runs on money like it's their blood.

  15. #1139662018-05-18 00:19:51Wolfangle said:

    But despite anything I say, I'm just a disappointment..It seems like everything I do or try to bring everyone together just ruins the efforts. I'm just not worth being a son. And the idea of showing emotion to needy ones is a childish act. The idea of standing up for what i think is right does not belong if you dont consider yourself or the actions done by those prior to you to get to this point...

    "Maybe I shouldn't be your father"

    Those words hurt to the bone.. But in glad i have the composure and strength to get up from those words. Or at least not be ruined completely by them.

  16. #1139672018-05-18 03:38:31Wolfangle said:

    3 Vents in 1 day, what up! I feel like im stuck between a good and really bad situation. But it's not to say the good out ways the bad, even tho the opportunity is something to look forward to. Right now I'm currently under a lot of stresses. And in one department of that, I'm losing my mind, & that's not in a figurative sense. Yes, I am going to Norway for 2 months while struggling with personal finance. No I will not get support for this. No it's not a good idea to stay behind in America due to family tensions & my issue with my mind. I have a limited time to figure things out. But i hope something works out in the end.. Before I end at least

  17. #1139732018-05-19 09:09:49BakaHime said:

    I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo booooooooooreeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddandlonely would talk to someone but lately it's all just strawberries and pineapples