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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #992872016-02-16 00:45:07 *DunnDolo said:

    Playing video games today. Random idiots who go online and harass people are pure douchbags. You talk shit online only cuz you arent face to face with the person you talking shit to. Arghhhhh that pissed me off so much.

  2. #993122016-02-16 12:03:28Enami said:

    Thanks for ruining my morning because you're such a selfish and lazy person, you should know best that this is the only thing i would ask of you so please be more responsible, I'm not really as bothered now since it's all solved and done, it thankfully didn't take very long (not that i should be grateful to you for that since it's your mistake in the first place) but please get your shit together.

  3. #993572016-02-17 15:48:41udonge said:

    This week has been pretty shitty with one argument after another with people I'm close with and now this.

    Out of all the thing, I just hope we will patch up soon. You are one of my closest friend and it does pain me a lot personally when i get kicked out like that out of nowhere. I dont really care about my own freaking ego, be damn with that, but i do care a lot about our friendship.

    So, while i am not sure if you will even read this, i do wish for us to be friend again. That is all i will ask of you since you currently block me from the place we usually chat.

    Please take care and I hope we will talk soon... someday.

  4. #993612016-02-17 18:44:06Enami said:

    Don't just do what you're told ASK WHY! WTF?? It's not my life so if you want to keep being like this, too nice to say no or even get mad that's okay, but not when i'm involved.

  5. #993752016-02-18 07:07:18EvoRulz said:

    ughh im barely gping to have enough time free this year to be involved in CL like i did last year :( but i'll post a little something everyday :) give or take

  6. #994092016-02-18 18:03:46DunnDolo said:

    How can you be mad at me because my alarm clock didn't go off and I was late for work? Its not a "user error" if the damn alarm didn't work. Get your facts straight.

  7. #994142016-02-18 21:26:16 *Yugure said:

    Everyone hates yellow, my grav and finally, me.

    This is who I am. What I can do here, I can't IRL. Heh.

  8. #994872016-02-20 08:41:07Wolfangle said:

    Soo after a fun night out.. I lost my favorite necklace. Annd, i pretty much upset about that (x1000).. Hopefully It's in one of my friend's car and i just forgot it in there. But it means a lot to me and i need it back.

    Also there have been ignorant users on cl lately & i thought better of them, but it seems that not everything can be kept in order. Really making me doubt you, CL. I've spent a long time on this site & the last thing i want to see is it going into a hole of shit that we can't escape. I won't name names, but i don't give a fuck. Respecting people on race should not be an issue on CL. This is a new low of you. Act respectfully, it's a community, not shit posting forum site. Some topics I can see as light and joke worthy. But there are some things you don't on the slightest.

    And ranting out & calling me a selfish "wolf-fucking-angle" just to say that; You are you & will not care what people see you as, in an aspect of being a troll, is as low as you can get. Honestly that still hurts, and so what if I'm sensitive. Honestly i can't really put it into words. And i don't you the same. I just want people to get along and you really disgust me now. Not just you but a few others as well... I just can't..I just can't process the minds of people now a days. I'm just really upset. And i should've saved last night's beer for today, cause i'd really fucking need it right now.

  9. #995172016-02-20 18:39:59 *Enami said:

    My dad has my kid pic as his whatsapp profile pic... Ew ;-;

    Waiting for him to get home so we can fix this =.=

  10. #995182016-02-20 19:28:04 *Yugure said:

    This is why I hate fighting. Bursting out my opinions, and I'll feel guilty in the end. I knew it from the start. Not only that, but nobody gives a fuck, my statements are invalid, and total disrespect. Oh and broken bones, again

    I'm used to this. Should've kept quiet and backed away. Like the coward I am :<