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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #995302016-02-21 10:25:51 *Enami said:

    Yesterday, me and my sis had a discussion about our life and future... not a good idea.. Cynicism intensifies well.. my life is pretty meaningless, is there anything i genuinely love that would make me happy? i think not, i do most things as an obligation, even living... well there's other reasons but yeah.. i tell myself sometimes that things can change and it'll be better but even if i get to reach those goals that i'm not even passionate about but just using them to stick to hope.. will i be happy then? not necessarily, guess it all depends on my view of this life.

  2. #995482016-02-22 08:29:39Enami said:

    OMG I FORGOT I WAS APPLYING FOR SCIENCE MATHS NEXT YEAR!! DDD: I thought my grades didn't matter at all this year... Why do they only consider the first semester's results? ;-;

  3. #995502016-02-22 10:15:07armedzerox said:

    Tried a jump on a ramp while Snowboarding, landed butt first and it hurts.... didn't gave up until fourth time, then i managed to make a good landing. Now imma in ma bed, lying down, butt still hurts, and i guess i need some sleep.

    Ouch... my ass. Nighty night buttpain

  4. #995562016-02-22 15:34:34 *Enami said:

    I guess that's... a bit better than i expected, but these results are still pathetic, and WHAT CONGRATS?? Do i have to be happy about my results just because my scores were first in class? no there just isn't enough competent students here (more like noone) gosh this year... not like i complain to everyone about my grades, you just ask me about it and i answer honestly, i'm not gonna act proud of it just so you can feel better about yours.

  5. #995882016-02-23 17:31:37 *Wolfangle said:

    (/.__.)/ when friend is depressed & you feel depressed because they're online & far away & not sure how to help & everything because they too depressed to say ༼ つ ಥಥ ༽つcurses

  6. #996502016-02-25 16:59:52Yugure said:

    I got desperate and nervous for nothing. It's against my values to reveal about myself to my peers and classmates, coz I dont see any reason, especially when I can't trust people. It won't change anything too, not now, not later, not ever.

    And it happened on bornday, just great. Ah well.

  7. #996532016-02-25 21:06:37Zach said:

    Why would you intentionally lie to us about the quiz when the other students from the other classes told everyone else, then give us the quiz?

  8. #996912016-02-26 21:19:59Enami said:

    That moment when you're you like My time has come panics... then uwaaah i can't believe it was that easy omg then... yeah ofc not.. it can't be that easy.. panics

  9. #998562016-03-02 03:47:06Cyth said:

    So, I'm supposed to "tell mom" what I feel so it won't build up inside and I won't experience that near to death bullshit anymore...

    Mom: tells me how how useless and shameless I am...


  10. #998592016-03-02 07:22:37123-456-7890 said:

    I'm trying to eat less carbs to lose weight and it's driving me crazy. I literally break out into sweat when I go to bed since thats when I usually stuff myself with food.