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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #998862016-03-02 12:49:24Enami said:

    What a great day huh hope i can make it in time and pass this evening peacefully =.=) ..i forgot about telling my dad again, i'm wasting time and really i wish i could just tell that teacher to forget about it i don't even care about an error you made but trying to push it into others, this semester is over anyway, who needs those points of yours, just leave me alone gah..

  2. #999022016-03-02 22:51:10Cloud-VK said:

    I hate myself. I'm such a fucking idiot sometimes.

    Today I texted my ex. We talked for a bit and then I flirted with her and she suddenly stopped texting.

    Then I realized what I said sounded creepy goddamnit!

    I feel sick. Rejection sucks!!!!!!!

  3. #999092016-03-03 02:02:52lordhappyface said:

    I hate running track. Everytime I try to fucking quit my coach just says no. I don't like competing for track or anything. This fucking sucks

  4. #999222016-03-03 15:39:48Yugure said:

    I forgot to tell my teacher to not tell anybody about the origamis. If I accept it, I'll be screwed. If not, I'll still be screwed. Goddammit.

  5. #1000262016-03-06 14:28:59Yugure said:

    Unfortunately, I don't care what you think about me. You're all strangers to me, and I'm just a nobody to you.

    The only thing that matters, is that, you have other people to spend your time with, and not with this stupid kid.

  6. #1000562016-03-07 18:27:40Koushiro said:

    It sure is hard to swallow food when you have a thin tube inside your throat. On a sidenote, bananas are really really tasty here in taiwan.

  7. #1000632016-03-07 21:31:00ID_Tuner said:

    I swear to god, no one in my town knows how to fucking drive!

    And the ironic thing about this is, my town was rated one of the safest places to drive in the U.S.

    I call bullshit!

  8. #1000682016-03-07 22:50:27 *Yugure said:

    How's the view up there, O Prideful One?

    How does it feel, having a place where you belong and becoming a first world snob?

    Hope you have a long fall. And while we're at it, die.

  9. #1000722016-03-08 03:10:55redwater said:

    Considering I work a physical job anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day six days a week I wish I had enough Money to actually live.