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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1065662016-08-30 23:20:08momo said:

    i wanna vent about something here but it is also kinda about people on this site and that feels incredibly petty so now i'm venting about being pissed but not pissed enough to be really petty

  2. #1065732016-08-31 09:41:56supergal_gene said:

    Okay so I seriously find it unfair that some people in my class isn't content with their grades... I mean we do have a 70% passing rate.. and I just asked how our grades were computed... Although I got 1.985 as a grade... What was registered in our ISMIS was 1.7.. so she obviously pulled up our grades by a few points. I'm content with that cuz that's already high.. but when some people have 1.8 as a grade they want to have a better grade. And so our prof was pressured to change it obviously... And one guy got his grades changed TWICE. Like wtf dude.. well not only him but some people who were complaining. I mean it's your fault for getting low grades in the exam, our prof already increased our grades by a few and they still want more? I believe I did better than a 1.9 or 1.7.. thinking I'd be having a 1.3-1.5 range grade for her class but I just accepted the 1.7 and didn't want our prof to have a hard time. Obviously she's already stressed... I can't give her more stress

  3. #1065912016-09-01 12:48:47 *Yugure said:

    I don't fucking care if my schedule is only 4 hours, and/or I have 2km to walk back home. Why should you be concerned when I did this to myself? I'm actually satisfied, so fuck off.

    Unless it's storming or it's a blizzard outside - why would I wait for 4 more hours in school for my bus to carry me home, IF I CAN FUCKING WALK BACK HOME AND STAY THERE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY?!?!?!

  4. #1065922016-09-01 13:50:16supergal_gene said:

    some douche pervert "accidentally" jfasjfhalsfhaslfk I should either sit next to girls while riding public transportation or bring with my a riffle the next time I ride one.


  5. #1066652016-09-04 08:13:35supergal_gene said:

    I don't get why some guys can be such a douche like if I were to describe them or something.. it'd probably be "yo dude! U on ur period or something?" Like we've never done anything to you dude. I may look weak in class and nice.. but trust me I can punch.

  6. #1067402016-09-06 18:08:59Deftones said:

    The older I get, the more I realise that I really don't like anyone, and that life would be better spent as a hermit in the mountains with an internet connection. I wish I could forget what I had, and what I'm slowly losing. being brought down this low makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

  7. #1067642016-09-08 04:11:34EvoRulz said:

    Neck is sore and my hair keeps getting in my eyes and i still need to sit through another math lesson that I don't understand before I can go home and get my hair cut, i just feel uncomfortable =-= blegh. aside from that it's gonna be ages before i can get an appointment with the chiropractor and there's still homework to hand in half heartedly. Learning japanese has come to a halt because exams are around the corner yayy. I just want to get it over with; 8 weeks left before i can stop stressing. should probs start wearing shorts again cause spring has begun. need to remember to sleep earlier and make more food for the day. we haven't been allowed in the theaterette at recess where we normallly hang out because the yearv 10s trashed it. i can't even type cause i can't see past my damn hair. i just wanna go home, and i could, except that to pass year 12 there is a minimum attendance in hours of class and i've probs used it up already so... fack. i'm stil hungry and in pain. uncomfortable. literally just writing this trash to pass the time. have another assignment due tomorrow though it's overdue by a week. can't play xbox till the weekend cause i stayed up late on it due to stress and not wanting to wake up to another day of school. can't be bothered driving for my liscence much with school going on. It's not hard, it's just boring. bored to death. can't sleep till night whatever i try. 2 mins till class. then 80 mins of wtf is she talking about. followed up by 40 mins of sorry i'm not having an amaze day so i'm not exactly bubbling with joy today, followed hopefully by a haircut and then youth band which will be when it gets good again.


  8. #1067782016-09-08 17:27:58supergal_gene said:

    I hate how I'm awake at 1 am because of an illness I have... Why does it even wake me up. Will this be another 'sleepless' night? Good think no class for the weekend

  9. #1067892016-09-09 01:45:22 *Yugure said:

    When you get angry, we understand. We fix our wrongdoings...

    But when we get angry, you also get angry...?



  10. #1068302016-09-10 00:37:00imugem said:

    I made a very poor grade on an essay I worked really hard on, and if my grade doesn't stay above an 85 I will be kicked out of my class and bumped down to standard, and this essay counted a lot towards my grade.... WHY did she think my essay was so bad? Is she hard to please? Am I really just a bad writer? WHYYYY???!!

  11. #1068872016-09-11 06:44:38Rebel said:

    The new generation is so weird... they think they are somehow important cause they are gay. They strive to do things their peers are already doing but hoping to be unique doing such. If someone doesn't agree with them, they are a cunt for stating their opinion... They all think they are models cause they dress up and take photos and spam on their social network sites... hipsters are hippies