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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1069902016-09-14 14:48:39Cyth said:

    Ranked 3, Best in Math, Best in KomPan, and Best in Understanding Culture, Society and Politics and I'm still not "good enough". Such bullshit you've posted on social media. You only use those to show off to your friends. When did I start pleasing you anyways..

  2. #1071122016-09-20 11:48:54Enami said:

    Bad timings...

    I'm exhausted even though we haven't even started taking classes yet. And as if going back to school wasn't fun enough, we're gonna be classmates again... great. Maybe this is a sign to change classes ._.

  3. #1071562016-09-21 10:45:39Enami said:

    I'm being reckless enough to choose an option based on classmates I'd have to end up with but i'm still left with unappealing choices.. while my friends are getting together in one class ._.)

  4. #1072202016-09-24 11:37:29 *Cyth said:

    Mom, aunts and uncles arguing what will I become. Then when they asked why I took HUMSS strand instead of STEM, I simply said, "Because that's what you wanted me to take before. I had to take it but guess what? No matter what I'd do, you always have something to say against it. Even if it was your choice.".

    Everyone ate silently after that. And I wanted to cry but also give myself a highfive because I've finally revealed my side.

  5. #1072822016-09-26 03:09:20Yugure said:

    Deleted kitty photos and Brave Frontier for more spaces for zoo photos...

    ...ended up with little photos...

    ...because phone went donezo at the middle of the zoo.

    RIP Eggs that should be hatched. AND THAT JYNX ASFILHOA;FIOEWOIFH

  6. #1072932016-09-26 10:54:30Enami said:

    I wake you up every day when I can even when that means I'll wake up way earlier than I need to but when I need you to wake me up for once, you're too selfish to care even though I asked and kept reminding you. And that's after you woke up thanks to my alarms. It would've been fine if it was any other day but really I'm so freaking done.

  7. #1073352016-09-28 10:03:55 *Enami said:

    And I thought last year I was in the worst class I could end up in.. But oh how naive was I to think that this year could be any better. I'd love to end up with the same classmates as last year instead of these holier than thou robots. ..Ironically enough, I think that's the impression I give ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I want to change classes so bad but I know that's not an option. This combination of the hardest course at school that comes along with awful classmates better be worth it. ಠ_ಠ

    I don't even feel like keeping up tbh.. but well.. we'll see.

  8. #1074982016-10-08 09:02:46supergal_gene said:

    I hate how people are sooooo insensitive. Yeah I know we all have the same subjects but the thing is we have different teachers. You're done with reporting Tourism, you're done with health card but the thing is.... Our tourism report covers MORE than that. And we just had our tests for health card. And you call people USELESS??? Like wtf I was the one who type and provide information for our Management class.. like wtf. Bagaa gud nawng Ninyo. Just cuz I'm busy doing other stuff doesn't mean I didn't do much. What did u even do during our management forum???? Stare at who knows what's his name is guy speaker? Really just really.

  9. #1075262016-10-09 19:20:37 *Enami said:

    Are you sure you're sane? you want her to be more open with you and tell you what's wrong and when she does, you go and tell people? It doesn't matter if it's family, she trusted you only to end up having to hear unfamiliar people ridicule her feelings knowing everything about her...