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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #826332014-09-18 15:36:41Zyxx23 said:

    Okay I don't know why but I don't want to expect anything anymore from you, so please SHUT THE FUCK UP! thank you ^_^

  2. #826352014-09-18 16:10:25 *Lieutenant said:

    I am not even sure if I myself need some space because things like this had happen before and they say one mistake repeated twice is not a mistake but choice, so it would sound like I'd have no excuse for now at all. I want to say sorry but I am not sorry at all, I am angry at myself for repeating the same mistake that brings to the ruin of my own happiness. Now I'm like one of those girl who's like "I'm so tired of being good", I don't want to pretend to be that kind of girl anymore. I have patience, but my patience also has its limit. I seriously have no idea why people would be stressed out by other people who they never meet in real life. When I need you people you turned against me and tell me that I should quit my nagging and find new friends and such but when I do now you people look for me, jealous much. Now that I think about it, perhaps I'm better off alone after all.

  3. #826692014-09-19 15:26:13Zyxx23 said:

    I don't know what's what anymore. It feels like I am only here as a past time for you. Just tell it to me clear already! I'm really really REALLY ready to leave everything behind, you included so PLEASE TELL ME ALREADY!

  4. #826772014-09-19 21:06:44Wolfangle said:

    My brother called me a disgusting person over a stupid situation and i punch a wall like usual.. Not a very loving family, ya know?

  5. #827772014-09-22 14:55:18 *Zyxx23 said:

    It would save me the trouble if you three could just line up in front of me so that I can slowly and painfully cut all of you open and dissect every fuckin organ in your body and feed it to your famiies without them ever knowing, and once that's been done, I'll be sure to tell them the secret ingredient <3

  6. #827782014-09-22 15:08:36hellstorm901 said:

    Uplay is the worst gaming platform alive and I actually consider Origin to be better than it right now.

    This piece of shit gaming platform has prevented me from enjoying my games and actually is trying to actively punish me for daring to have the audacity to play offline to try and alleviate the problems the piece of shit service was bringing to start with.

    For fucks sake Ubisoft. Get with the times and just use Steam like everyone else and no don't continue this bullshit of selling your games on Steam only for the steam launcher to launch your service again. If I buy something on Steam I expect to fucking play it on steam otherwise I would have bought the goddamn game from your piece of shit service.

  7. #827842014-09-22 17:45:26Slyter said:


    It's pretty true what they say about alcohol; you're only borrowing happiness from the future and the debt catches up to you with interest D:

  8. #828272014-09-23 21:49:35awkwardangels said:

    To my stalker: Stop stalking me and getting angry because I call you out for being sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, and overall a pissbaby. And if I call you out for making fun of the Ebola virus then you better damn well expect me to be angry at your ass you heartless bastard.

    (This is really the only place I can rant about his ass since he seriously stalks me on my Twitter and Tumblr.)

  9. #847192014-11-22 07:36:24 *Lieutenant said:

    I was so close to push you into the railway just now because you are one rude asshole, you know that? Your job is to keep us safe, not making us feel like you're a threat, I remember how you look like, your swearing words and that screaming voice right onto my face. Why is it so hard to just talk nicely to me? I hope you lose your job and die in a drain while getting fuck by a cactus.

    I knew I should have just stayed home today.

    Regards, a civilian who doesn't care if you're a police.

  10. #874902015-02-19 11:09:10Rinneko said:

    It's at times like this when my slow internet speed really gets to me because that means my download speed is akin to a snail. I'm stuck at 0.3% download of a movie after 30 mins ; v ; When can I actually watch this??

  11. #880002015-03-16 09:47:33Rinneko said:

    When you need to submit your already overdue proposal in less than an hour, but you've only written one line.

  12. #887652015-04-15 18:54:21 *Jacek said:

    Hey, local power and tree company, y'all need to rework your contract. Over a foot in diameter, 2-3 feet long, weighing probably 50+lbs is manageable in a residential area primarily full of people ready to retire? Besides myself I think there are only a few young men that can actually do relatively intense physical labor, everyone is working adults that would be seriously injured if they tried to haul that shit.

    And you didn't even cut some of them properly, there are multiple logs that are still connected making them impossible to move without finishing the cut (and cutting them so they're not super heavy). Let's not forget it's going to cost me quite a bit of money just to have someone haul them off, something you people could have done anyway. Doesn't fit in the chipper? Cut it down so it fucking does.

    Let us not forget almost all of them are lodged in the ground either from the impact, worsened by the fact it's been raining and they've sunk deeper. And, of course, now there are holes and indents in the fucking lawn.

  13. #887842015-04-16 17:29:05LadyS said:

    Work has been driving me crazy!!! It sucks dealing with arrogant AND incompetent people, and today is meeting after meeting after meeting.

    Is it the weekend yet? I need a vacation.

  14. #887852015-04-16 18:02:41judar said:

    i cant believe my bro formatted my d: drive by trying to install minecraft with all my coursework, artwork and shit due like last week and trying to fix it i overwrote everything i feel nothing but the need to peel off my own nails i dont deserve a computer lmao

  15. #887962015-04-17 14:12:12Poro said:

    Truth, Power, or Freedom? Which would I choose. I thought it would always be freedom. After all, it's a nice mixture of truth and power while not being as binding as the two. But right now, I think I understand what they mean when they say, "Powerlessness is a crime punishable by only things worse than death..."

  16. #887972015-04-17 15:38:12 *--Jack-- said:

    Rockstar....everyone's complaining about your tech support, and you deserve it. "hey lets make the game unmoddable!" isn't the best idea either...