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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1087282017-01-09 23:05:09 *Inia said:
    • 2016 sucked.
    • Beginning 2017 almost sucked.
    • Moving out west only gave me desert-dry skin.
    • Job hunting comes with a new form of suck.
  2. #1087822017-01-14 14:02:08Cloud-VK said:

    Its almost been 5 years since high school, I've lost weight, and I look a 100 times better than I use to. But I'm getting pissed at myself because apparently I've somehow gotten way weaker since high school. It doesn't make any sense to me, I should be stronger now but i'm not. All of my maxes have dropped by at least 100 pnds.

    Who would of thought hitting a weightroom could be so revealing =(

  3. #1091382017-02-16 05:21:35chalice said:

    A lot of people who I thought were my close friends forgot about my birthday. A lot of my internet friends, don't even try to talk to me anymore. Like??? Stop saying we're close friends if you treat me like I don't exist. (:

  4. #1092082017-02-21 00:16:37 *Wolfangle said:

    The ever so feeling of never being able to finish anything, but on a grander scale. The struggle of being poor is affecting me very harshly on a personal level. But the more that i daunt on the idea of money, the more i wonder to myself if i really need it. The same goes for an escape, like.. I'm not sure, as if i really want an excuse to hide these thoughts by getting back into smoking, but then again I'm too smart and would vape. But that's just an alternative. Like if I wasn't mature or smart enough, I'd probably go back into self harming. But everything is really just a long wait, edging into my mind each day. Thoughts that I'm a jobless dropout or that i live in a type of place that really gets to me (i cant stand living in the rurals/countryside). Then there's the emotional pain of somewhat feeling alone. I'm basically a bum, cept i still live in a big home, chewing away my grief day by day. Sometimes writing is Norsk to cover it. I mean, i do appreciate life. Hell, i read & write in 3 languages, I'm highly athletic, and i play a shit ton of instruments. I try to appreciate everything that comes my way I stay as optimistic as I can. But it's just this lonesome fucking way of life, I'm not happy, I'm poor, I have no way to get out or travel or do anything type of shit. Life in my sense currently is just and endless weekly loop, busy with things that get me nowhere. It's saddening as fuck.

  5. #1092112017-02-21 05:30:45shafnat said:

    @Wolfangle dude dont worry youre gonna find a new life someday somehow, i feel these "lonely" feeling and also some of these thoughts you mentioned too but i aint never gonna let it get over me. Keep yo head up

  6. #1092912017-02-24 08:50:32chalice said:

    I have not been able to go to bed until 7am for the past 4 days ever since I hit my head. My headaches have not gone away and painkillers don't last long. I have to wait until Wednesday to see a doctor. I'll have to catch up on so many projects and tests for school now. ;-;

  7. #1093112017-02-25 02:34:47Inia said:

    I hate that, as a human, I do the things I don't want to do, and often fail to do the things I should do. Wisdom doesn't always come with age. The "wisdom" we often learn sadly comes from the mistakes we make. Didn't Confucius say that experience is the most bitter form of learning wisdom?

  8. #1093222017-02-25 22:26:48chalice said:

    Stressed out because I am going to be a photographer for a very important wedding in a few weeks and I haven't used my camera in forever. I dont want to screw it up!

  9. #1093942017-03-01 02:32:02shafnat said:

    "Look for 19 building blueprints on the internet with different types of structure on each one for next week."