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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1087282017-01-09 23:05:09 *Inia said:
    • 2016 sucked.
    • Beginning 2017 almost sucked.
    • Moving out west only gave me desert-dry skin.
    • Job hunting comes with a new form of suck.
  2. #1087822017-01-14 14:02:08Cloud-VK said:

    Its almost been 5 years since high school, I've lost weight, and I look a 100 times better than I use to. But I'm getting pissed at myself because apparently I've somehow gotten way weaker since high school. It doesn't make any sense to me, I should be stronger now but i'm not. All of my maxes have dropped by at least 100 pnds.

    Who would of thought hitting a weightroom could be so revealing =(

  3. #1091382017-02-16 05:21:35chalice said:

    A lot of people who I thought were my close friends forgot about my birthday. A lot of my internet friends, don't even try to talk to me anymore. Like??? Stop saying we're close friends if you treat me like I don't exist. (: