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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1094032017-03-01 09:36:35Ni8 said:

    so yesterday I learned that I have to give a 5-minute talk today. i had to write all of it yesterday and make a half-baked useless powerpoint presentation to accompany it. it's starting in about 2 hours from now and the worst part is that it's going to be a room full of people way smarter and more competent than me and they're going to have to listen to things they probably know better than i do and the delivery is going to be so fucking bad because i'm afraid of delivering public speeches and i'm shaking like a leaf right now @_@

  2. #1094062017-03-01 16:54:18ccc said:

    @Ni8 just have positive thoughts ,what ever you do dont freeze while you are up there,that was my mistake

    But if that happens it caint possibly get worse ,so everything after that becomes"easy"

  3. #1094712017-03-07 11:56:51LeafMeAlone said:

    Why does literally no one even care about anything, I sit through everyones problems because i want to and hear them out and then i go through my problems and they don't even listen or act like they're sick of my shit, even the counsellor said "times up" and wrapped it. NO ONE LISTENS!

  4. #1095242017-03-13 07:18:11chalice said:


    I literally forgot the day the wedding is, and my mom bought a ticket for me to visit her on that day. I FUCKING HATE MYSELF.

    The other problem is that my aunt and uncle never got in touch with me about if I'm the photographer. But if I am, I fucked up.