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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1115172017-07-23 09:39:46chalice said:

    My SAT score (in my eyes) was fucking shit, and I wanted to retake it in August, but I'm not going to make it, plus it booked out. THEN on the day we got our scores we could send it to any of our colleges for free, TELL ME WHY that stopped before the day ended! Like I didn't get home super late, but it still ended. Sending scores is expensive af. I plan to retake it in fall, but I know I'm probably going to do worst.

  2. #1116652017-08-04 17:52:58 *Wolfangle said:

    @DarkChaplain More like, i usually try to meet new people on the regular. But I haven't lately cause of focusing too hard on one person. Meeting new people would be a distraction from my recent.. off feeling(?) d: how do I say this without sounding like an asshole. Uhh no it's not solely for being a distraction

    Meeting new people opens your mind to the variety of people out there. Meet cool people, have fun, discover new good friends, yada yada

    Edit: Need to get you a MommyChapain meme, every time you post here

  3. #1117612017-08-21 15:46:01Enami said:

    A vid was leaked of a bunch of teens trying to gang bang a girl on a bus, yes a public transport because no one gives a shit these days. Neither does the driver apparently. And to make things even better, I scroll down to see a comment saying they're just brats fooling around "you guys are making such a big deal out of it"... And this mess happened in the very city I live in. You know you're in safe hands when police officers just watch from the sidelines as thugs with swords comfortably mug citizens in public. Man this country has gone to shit a long time ago but what's to come seems to be even more dreadful. Kids these days are horrifying, and that's coming from a kid.. Well here I am going back to my usual I hate people phase.

  4. #1117842017-08-24 17:53:54Enami said:

    @Kyuuun Yep that's the one. The aggressors are apparently from the same neighborhood, they found her to be an easy target as she's mentally ill. That wasn't the first time she got sexually assaulted even. When interviewing their neighbors, they blamed it on drug use and said the teens were just kids.
    There are people protesting out there about it, rape in general. But some comments I'm seeing are beyond horrendous..

  5. #1117852017-08-24 17:56:21Kyuuun said:

    @Enami I know it's fucked up but the Maghrebi countries have a lot to work on, especially Morocco which is crazy because they have the most sane king in that area. Either way, what happened to her shouldn't go untold and I'm glad you heard about it. Also more Moroccans always im proud ur moroccan and you speak up because our countries are kind of bullshit

  6. #1117862017-08-24 18:15:55Enami said:

    @Kyuuun Well I mean our king is pretty much a dictator (not as bad as his father ofc but still) and the government is a joke, I wouldn't really expect things to be great with such circumstances. At least we got rid of that law that allowed rapists to escape consequences if they married the victim, pressuring the latter to go ahead with it to protect their honour. It's still crazy that it existed up until recently. The country is not interested in making things better though, that's the issue. So I'm not exactly hopeful. Although I'm glad this went viral, I hope this serves as a wake up call for people.

  7. #1117712017-08-22 09:38:36Deftones said:

    You guys have employees on trains? That's insane. The only people working on trains here are the train driver and security (rarely).

  8. #1118692017-08-31 20:09:11Kyuuun said:

    My boss tasked me with uploading tons of products on Amazon and it's been a whole month of failed attempts and frustration. I'm literally on the phone with Amazon for 5 hours a day every single day, getting told COMPLETELY different stories by different people. I've worked with spreadsheets for over a year and I KNOW I'm not at fault. Uploaded a spreadsheet that a man from Amazon made me upload, was wonky, then I call back and another woman told me that template doesn't work on Amazon anymore. SO WHY IS IT UP? Why is this the LEAST user friendly website in the UNIVERSE. We have our products on tons of websites that are very popular for shopping and Jesus FUCKING Christ. I know Amazon is a H U G E business. So is every fucking business I deal with and they're not as SHITTY as amazon is. I can't handle anymore stress over this. I haven't thought or done anything but deal with Amazon for a whole month now.

  9. #1118762017-09-02 06:08:55IrawaWeirHolo said:

    After years of just "trim" haircut, I decided to get a quite fashionable cut. After the day i went for a cut, I attended my ROTC class in which they announced that men are required to have a 2x3 haircut for the whole duration of the course..... Well fuck, goodbye mi fabulous locks T_T

  10. #1118862017-09-04 09:45:37Inia said:

    I have very few pet peeves in my life, but I never, ever share any type of hygiene tool with anyone. Yet, even with a glaringly obvious note that says, "please don't use" on my toothpaste tube, why in all that is green and good would someone use my toothbrush, and even use it right in front of me. I do my best to be a good host, but I would think some things in life are pretty obvious. Especially when there's a note on it.

    Protip for others: Never assume you can do whatever you want when you're a guest in someone's home. Just because someone tells you to relax and make yourself at home doesn't mean you have free reign. It means they're doing their best to be polite, even if your dandruff gets all over their couch, your hair sheds all over the floor, and they clean up your dishes. A good guest takes the initiative to clean up so well, it's almost as if you didn't touch anything. This shows respect and honor to your host. Always, always ask before you attempt to use something. It's a sign that you respect their privacy, and are gracious for letting them stay in their private space to begin with. They didn't have to go out of their way, but they chose to.

  11. #1119082017-09-08 22:13:21Inia said:

    Automated spam callers are now attacking via direct-to-voicemail. I really wish this was illegal all over the world. The whole purpose is to bypass spam-block apps that pickup/hangup.

  12. #1119352017-09-11 15:00:07Kap said:

    I have put in five years into our relationship and then you meet four people of your own skin and suddenly I do not exist and then after all ive done for you go and block me? we were supposed to be friends for life. >:(

  13. #1123142017-11-01 16:06:18chalice said:

    There's this stupid girl at my school, tell me why she decided it was fucking okay to throw fries at my friend and yelled at her to, "Go back to China!" Like what the fuck. My friend wanted to fight so a whole group went downstairs in the basement. The other girl never showed up, hid and told the principal and such that my friend threatened to beat her up, and then continuously snitched on others about drinking and sending nudes (nudes never happened, but all she does is fucking talk shit about others and continuously says to spread happiness and be kind). ANYWAY IF YOU'RE GOING TO TALK SHIT, YOU'RE GOING TO GET FUCKING HIT.

  14. #1123322017-11-07 19:50:59Wolfangle said:

    I’m sicker than I’ve ever been before. It started with a sore throat. But now I’ve got really bad pains all over my body. I can barely walk or hold a cup without any help. And even just breathing alone severely hurts my throat. Looking back on 3 days a ago from when it started, in total I think I’ve barely completed a single meal all together & a bottle of water. I honestly feel like I can die from this.

  15. #1123352017-11-10 04:02:30IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Ahhhh one of my most dreaded day has come A day that I will perform Aerobics....while wearing a muscle tee that was cutted out from a t shirt The cut was from the shoulder area till just right next to the hem(which is a dumb piece of attire like wtf)

  16. #1124192017-11-21 19:53:26squareof3 said:

    I think I am finally starting to forgive myself for letting my life go to shit over the past 8 years. Im finally starting to get on track and that feels really good. Like really good.

  17. #1124222017-11-22 10:43:00Dane said:

    I was having a good night after my very nice long shift and ofc your friend has to ruin it. Whyyyy whyy cant I just have an entire 24 hours go by without me feeling shitty.