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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1124492017-11-23 23:50:24Enami said:

    A student cut a teacher's face with a knife and people are out here justifying it again. Another career option off the list I guess.

  2. #1125022017-11-26 21:43:18 *Enami said:

    I used to have a hard time dozing off but now all I need to do is lay down?? I know that's supposed to be a blessing but I rather have insomnia rn. Planning on doing shit for school tomorrow only to suddenly wake up the next day just in time for classes is getting pretty vexing.

  3. #1125212017-11-28 05:18:54Dane said:

    We were finessed out of almond milk by some bitch today. Hope her americano was as bitter as her attitude. hue

  4. #1125282017-11-28 15:11:27DarkChaplain said:

    Guess your extended weekend went just peachy, considering you didn't chew off my ear on your way home from work last night. Funny how the "I'll message you" thing works.

  5. #1125342017-11-28 21:12:38Wolfangle said:

    A lot of things. Slightly over the death of someone, but this depressing bumbed out feel still stays. That's affecting my work. And with the recent pile ups, it's made 2 hours of usual work into 6 hours. Recovering from being sick & nearly dead, which i had the physical strength to work out and exercise from before. Annd I think the loneliness has finally got to me. I really do get in a terrible mood when there's no one to admire or feel admired by.

  6. #1125462017-12-01 14:41:10DarkChaplain said:

    Been over a week now, and I expect nothing from the weekend either. Great job, you had a good run. Back to the low priority queue where you belong.

  7. #1126672017-12-08 21:45:45Enami said:

    I had a cold + awful cramps and felt like puking my insides out all at the same time during my tutoring class and couldn't focus at all, my teacher just thought I wasn't trying.. And it just got even better when I threw up in public on my way home.. What a day

  8. #1127292017-12-12 22:32:05Enami said:

    I keep wishing for more chances, getting said chances and wasting them again and again.. I just don't know anymore

  9. #1128022017-12-20 07:14:08chalice said:

    A shitty birthday because I got in a fight with my mom and dad. Then most of my “close” friends didn’t even say happy birthday. Even my own family forgot my birthday. But they remembered my other sister’s birthday who is a fucking day before mine. Some 18. (:

  10. #1128152017-12-21 05:46:48chalice said:

    Two of our starters on the boys team got ejected, because this other guy put one of them in a chokehold and threw him to the ground and then began to punch the shit out of him (our player didn’t even fight back, he was just protecting his head. Our other starter pulled the guy off, and the refs and coaches and police officers swarmed in to pull the guy away. While being pulled off the guy was yelling, “I’ll fuck you up.” Repeatedly. The other team’s parents and such were cheering the guy on. The thing that is so fucked up, after that he was allowed to sit on the bench after all that, and in the hallways the refs were fucking laughing about the situation. (All before halftime even so tensions were high). So our player is at the ER because his head and neck is swollen. They’re pressing charges. But also wtf, we are a 1B basketball team.

  11. #1128902017-12-27 00:31:36 *Yugure said:

    Reality check:

    From 5, to just me and my mother who are left working in the food service department.

    Local people are too lazy to do anything wtf. They don't deserve any of these luxurious food.

    Shut this goddamn store asap.

  12. #1129002017-12-27 17:24:52Kittycat said:

    I keep asking myself where I went wrong. I feel as though I wanted to relieve some stress, and hang out with new people, but while doing that, I forgot about the important people in my life. I seem to always have this problem where when something asks for my attention, I forget to give attention to other things as well. I really need to work on that, or at least learn to make the right decision as to what holds more priority. I think I have a lot more problems than I let myself believe sometimes, and I really need to identify and fix them. A thing that's been bothering me, is that I find myself falling victim to being manipulated by other peoples' beliefs. Maybe it's just because I've been very vulnerable lately, but I think it's always been a problem. I feel like I care too much of what my family/peers think, and it really stops me from expressing how I truly feel, makes me feel like I should hold my feelings back, and causes a lot of doubt. I'm a really hot headed person sometimes, I realize now that I should just take a step back, and cool off before doing/saying something that I'll regret / I don't really feel. Also, I see myself being very selfish sometimes, I disregard what others want, and I put my own feelings over theirs. I really need to be more considerate about those things, because I know that how I feel is important, but my feelings don't come before others'. I think I need to grow up by getting a job so I can move out, and stop relying on the people around me, maybe then I could become a better person.

  13. #1129382018-01-02 22:39:12squareof3 said:

    Spent 2 hours today in a pointless meeting, talking about user stories that the entire department already discussed and agreed on last week, when I could have been working on the actual project. Tomorrow we have another 2 hour meeting on the same thing because this ship is sinking fast and I dont care anymore just pay me.