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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1142232018-06-22 06:08:41DarkChaplain said:

    Yesterday the Stresspocalypse with all the drilling action in the morning driving me crazy, evening to now a sore throat. Got shit to take care of tomorrow, I can't afford to get sick here. Fucking hell. Not sure if I should cancel - logically yes, but I'm reluctant to because it's relatively important. Fucking hell.

  2. #1142412018-06-25 04:44:04Sheep said:

    I skipped an interview last July 18 due to pressure. I assumed the company would stop messaging and calling on my number after it appears I don't have any interest towards the job position anymore. A week has passed, I checked my phone which I left charging in my room, and saw a miss call from the same company.

    What do they want!? ;_; Stop calling meee...

  3. #1142422018-06-25 07:10:24DarkChaplain said:

    ....instead of just delivering my package and having me pay at the door as usual, they once again decided to take it to customs for me to pick up in person, after I get that annoying notification card via mail in a few days. Fantastic. Just fantastic.

  4. #1142472018-06-27 04:31:39 *BakaHime said:

    I'm not unaware of how socially inept I am, neither am I closed to corrections. So why the fuck won't you be up front about it instead of awkwardly standing there and thinking of the most backhanded way to say it? I would love to bust your kneecaps then get you impeached but that's not what I need. I need you to tell me what the fuck I need to fix, or we're never gonna move 'cause I am NOT gonna act like I understand you.

  5. #1142692018-07-05 05:27:58 *Maguro said:

    I have kept my feelings bottled up till now since no one in my family seems to care(or at least try to understand) about my problems and my friends are busy with work and their own life so I don't want to even add my venting to their problems (but they let me vent when they have the time). And I have no one else to vent on(other than my dog).

    My mom thinks I'm just being immature when I talk about my problems. She doesn't listen the moment she opens her phone(now regretting my parents learned how to surf the internet), hell she doesn't even want to try understanding my situation most of the time(this has been going on ever since I graduated high school). And when she's the one venting about this and that, I listen to her.

    My dad isn't much of an advice giver or a listener, he's the type to say "that's enough you'll get over it", all he does is sleep half of the day and the other half is spent on watching his weekday tv shows(he gets dramatic if we even dare to change the channel).

    My older sister keeps visiting our house with her boyfriend and doing these weird display of affections to each other. I'm okay with them being together, I just wish they'd tone down the affection(when I mean affection, touching the bleep or being so pervy af). They keep making a mess when eating and then leave without cleaning it. What are we maids? What I hate about my sister is that when she was still single and living with us, she leaves her plate on the table to be washed by us, when she borrows something from me, she already got her hands on it.(so I can't refuse now that she's holding it). She is the "I need to borrow this for a minute turns into hours thing" and then you'll be surprised she lost it or something and she won't even do something to compensate what she lost. (One time she "borrowed" my usb(full of school prjects and files) without me knowing about and she texted me that she lost it and she didn't even try and replace the one she lost. What's worse is that she was the one who got angry because I got angry that she lost it.

    I don't wanna vent about my older brother... he's a slave driver to my parents.

    And my old friend... we've known each other since we were in high school and even went to the same university together. And now we work together(yey?) The first few weeks working with him was ok... when the eve of our first event(work) came and our boss suddenly called us around 10pm to go to the site of the event because one of the led videos needed to be fixed. He(friend) started complaining about why do we need to go there when he's already comfortable and about to sleep(he was literally on the verge of tears). Yeah I get it that it was sudden, but since it was already 2 hours till the event day will officially start , I wouldn't be surprised that there would be situations like that, it was also the clients request to ask us to go there. On the actual day (just to add we were only five people including our bosses at that time, since the company was still new and this event was our big break), we finished OUR end of the work(the graphics and stuff), since we had nothing left to do, we were told to assist our co workers, he started complaining again. He kept nagging "this isn't part of the job, we're just graphic artists huhuhu" and all that bull. And that was always his reason every time we were told to do something, and yes, I understand his side, but he should at least also understand that we were short on manpower and even our bosses were doing hands on work. (That was also the time I noticed I was annoyed by his complaining) He also loved to talk about himself to the point he's going to say "anyway, let's go back to ME..." every time we try and change the subject.

    He's also the type to suggest to do this and that but in the end I will be the on to do it... And i've noticed he's never the one to use his phone when it's about work. He'll call me instead --"heyyyy... wanna meet up and call our boss and ask him about this..."-- he NEVER does this on his own and I always end up the one calling. I told him that we didn't need to meet up just to call our boss, he just needs to inform me that he called him(I mean it's HIS question for the boss not ours)...

    Aaagghhh!! I got overly dramatic.... anyway I just got annoyed and had to let it out.

    What happened afterwards is that I'm taking a break from hanging out with him atm to cool my head off.... I might just get irritated and just cut him off when he talks... xD

    It feels better if I verbally talk about it tho T^T Magu is lonely lol

  6. #1143382018-07-21 11:15:40 *BakaHime said:

    I bought a ton of books. I also got busier. :(

    This is a really bad habit ;-; but whenever I don't get a new book at least once a week I get lonely and end up buying a quarter of the books in a shelf the next week. Fuck this.

    Also good lord I haven't played HI3 in a while. I'm gonna die T_T

  7. #1143662018-07-24 22:25:27Shiya said:

    Not really today's vent but I guess it's one continuous stream of vent beginning from Saturday and still pissing me off today. My ex who I've left alone and stayed clear of sent me pictures of her with her new Boyfriend, which whatever on having a new boyfriend. But seriously I don't give a damn anymore and now I'm just pissed because all that was sent to me was the picture no words just that. Damn how vindictive can you be for zero reason? This is all just some shitty game right -_-? *Sigh*

  8. #1143782018-07-27 13:52:37DarkChaplain said:

    Fucking Checkpoints. Just lost 20-30 minutes in Quantum Break because, for some reasons, none of the intervening cutscenes triggered a checkpoint. Thankfully it seems at least collectibles weren't reset, but ffs, I get to enter the entire building again when I had already traveled down a lengthy elevator ride, through a bunch of rooms, fought a few enemies, and got to a boss room. Amazing.

  9. #1144452018-08-10 06:47:46IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Fucking shit I ordered a goose neck kettle so I can have a good drip coffee 1 week later I got the mail and it fucking contains a fake deore xt crank(bike part) Fuck you Lazada Fucking fuck you

  10. #1145052018-08-20 08:53:52xiaden said:

    There isn't enough hours in the day left for me to take care of myself with all the jobs I have to accomplish at work. I've seriously done the math, and it's impossible. I'm already running on 5 hours of sleep a night at best. Quit expecting everything that gets handed to me to come out exceptional. Quit handing me broken pieces of a job someone else was supposed to do. Most importantly, QUIT SENDING PEOPLE AWAY THAT CAN ACCOMPLISH GOOD WORK. JFC. THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE 14 PEOPLE HERE. WE HAVE 3. 3 PEOPLE. 2 of which are rank ass noobs when it comes to anything more complicated than step by step directions for any task. 1 of which called a freaking corded hand drill a grease gun. and seriously meant it.