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Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1145052018-08-20 08:53:52xiaden said:

    There isn't enough hours in the day left for me to take care of myself with all the jobs I have to accomplish at work. I've seriously done the math, and it's impossible. I'm already running on 5 hours of sleep a night at best. Quit expecting everything that gets handed to me to come out exceptional. Quit handing me broken pieces of a job someone else was supposed to do. Most importantly, QUIT SENDING PEOPLE AWAY THAT CAN ACCOMPLISH GOOD WORK. JFC. THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE 14 PEOPLE HERE. WE HAVE 3. 3 PEOPLE. 2 of which are rank ass noobs when it comes to anything more complicated than step by step directions for any task. 1 of which called a freaking corded hand drill a grease gun. and seriously meant it.

  2. #1145682018-09-02 12:35:52Kani14 said:


    Driving to classes daily on my scouter and getting stucked in traffic is so frustrating. HOT HUMID SUMMER and stuck in a traffic jam is the best thing ever.

    What makes this even better is rain, now I'm stuck in traffic and it's raining so I have to wear my raincoat(if I have one) then drive my scouter when it's raining and I can't see shit through my helmet.

    I'm definitely gonna kill someone in rain(probably myself) -__-