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  1. Feminism on LoL

    #401182012-10-07 08:15:23 *Lumiex said:

    Today I decided to pop my head into League of Legends' Forums for once. This is what I found. Discussion time~

    If you're gonna argue, keep that shit clean DON'T WANT NONE OF YOUR FALLACIES SON. DON'T WANT NONE OF YOUR "lol Troll" shit. You don't know what trolling means, trust me. If you can do it right, I will leave your sexy post up. [Must be LoL related or have K-ON! in it....Spiderman is borderline...fucking memes nowadays.]

    So here are my two cents~

    Gender Neutrality. Keeps the world and internet happy. Occasional pair of well drawn tits is nice. Can't appreciate the nice things that games have to offer us? Well then go make your own "politically correct game"~ No one is stopping you.

  2. #401192012-10-07 08:43:14Momimochi said:


    Never actually noticed the difference but now that it's pointed out...

    They should just make more traps. The world would be happy.

  3. #401202012-10-07 11:03:06TokoyamiSenshi said:

    I'm not a lol player, but I am a long time dota player and I can tell you, it's almost the same shit. The problem is not in having all female characters sexy and no eyecandies for women. If you want eyecandies, go google search. It's about the playerbase, always. Let's face it, if 80% players are men and half of them never saw a pair of tits, i'm sure they'd prefer playing a game with tits then sparkly bishonen. From developers' point of view, it's about maximizing the playerbase, not balancing it out.

    From a player's perspective, let's face it, most people who play it are immature, angsty and anonymous. We all know how that looks like, especially if you admit that you're a girl.

    I don't see this problem changing very soon, seeing how people tend to pass on their attitudes with efficiency proportional to idiocy.

  4. #401232012-10-07 15:54:35Polnareff said:
    >League of legends
    >Asking For Gender Equality


    That's like asking for a polite game of call of duty with random players
  5. #401242012-10-07 15:55:13 *someone said:

    Gender bias has always been an issue in gaming, not just in LoL (Believe me, I know a thing or two about skewed gender ratios). Unfortunately, that's just how the gender distribution stands, and that's what marketers gotta market to. In the end though, fuck it, don't really care if who I'm playing with is a guy or girl or some alien from Mars, let's just play some vidya.

  6. #401732012-10-08 18:33:01Chestnut_Rice said:
    I bet she's the kind of dumb bitch who also posts on tumblr about how "Otherkin" and "transethnics" and the like aren't just pulling shit out of their ass.

    God DAMN, alright I'm a League player and I do admit that character design is quite skewed, but the very fact that League has almost half of its roster as females says something about Riot. If you look at DOTA or HoN, a significantly smaller fraction of playable characters are female, and perhaps even fewer are things like Orianna and Tristana. Sure, the skins are terrible, but what the fuck do you think they're for, enhancing gameplay? Fuck no. It's a common joke that the team with the most skins wins, but skins are just a way for Riot to make money, one of the only ways, in fact. Are they going to make "politically correct" skins or are they going to make sexy skins that people love buying? You're a retard if you think it's the first one.
    Spoiler (Show)
    I bought a Chinese New Year Sona skin, don't judge me.
    To be honest... and I'm not trying to be a douche, but that's just how the game is. If you don't like it, feel free to go watch a chickflick or read Fifty Shades of Grey. I don't think men will complain about how they're portrayed in either of those, but I can probably assure you that both depictions are out of whack with reality as well. In the end, why is it a game? It's an escape from reality. You suspend your disbelief for living machines to fight half-dragons on a field that exists only as bits and bytes on a server, why not suspend it for a couple of less-than-perfect character designs?
  7. #402252012-10-09 10:22:19Lumiex said:

    @Chestnut_Rice Dude, I own Chingchong Sona and her Arcade skin.. And Dunk Rainbows from the sky [Leprechaun] Veigar... And....Foxfire Ahri because shit too sexy.

    I guilty as fuck, but hell I like my big titted skins. HAIL THE TITTIES Seriously...if they made like an old granny Heimerdinger then I'd buy that shit too...It'd be funny as hell.

  8. #403662012-10-11 15:24:56JacquesTheZombie said:

    They make almost every guy in video games good looking and muscular but you don't see a bunch of guys whining and complaining about that. That's the only reason I can't stand girls who complain about it and also that if they have a problem with something like that then why play the game or just make your own game like what @Lumiex said.

  9. #508072013-03-18 02:08:41Hika said:

    I join my guy friends when we rate boobs on League while acknowledging that the overpopulation of female "sexy" skins is due to catering to the players. I totally agree with @Lumiex with wanting the big tittied skins. (goddammit Heartseeker Vayne and Nurse Akali I will get you one day) Riot is more balanced in terms of guy vs girls, and it's enough to say that they do have nice skins that cater to the female population. (Pshhh of course I don't have ulterior motives for learning Talon and Malzahar.)

    I also totally would bang Pulsefire Ezreal.